Trump meets Xi Jinping
China: A Trade War the Bourgeois Can Get Behind

Trump is preparing a full-scale trade war with China, with potentially devastating consequences for the world economy.

Food Stamps Poverty
The Bipartisan Assault on the Poor

Trump’s proposed 2019 budget includes drastic cuts to public assistance programs. This will only increase the misery already faced by millions of Americans who struggle with hunger.

Alibaba and Amazon: The Creative Potential of the Bourgeois is Spent

Only the working class can build a globally connected network of production, distribution, and exchange, based on solidarity and human need.

2017: A Deadly Year for Denver's Homeless

There are more than five times as many vacant homes as homeless people in the US, but the “invisible hand” of the market is completely disinterested in those at the bottom of society.

"Trade Wars are Good"—Trump Threatens Fragile World Economy

If Trump carries through on his threats to impose big tariffs on steel and aluminum, the world economy could plunge into another deep slump.

Trump’s Tax Handout to the Rich

The Republican tax plan was, in fact, made possible by the Democrats’ purely cosmetic resistance to it. This is because both parties fundamentally agree: working people must pay.

Student Loans: Usurers Come For Their Pound of Flesh

The student loan industry’s parasitism is matched by the Democratic Party’s unwillingness to take them on.

Higher Education = Higher Profits

Alan Woods discusses the current turbulence and volatility in the global economic, political, and social situation.

Foxconn Comes to Wisconsin

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker recently made a big announcement: Foxconn is coming to town.

Why Were the Hurricanes So Disastrous?

Two hurricanes have crashed into the Southeast in the last two weeks, and, as always, the poorest have been hit the hardest.

Merger Mania: A Ticking Time Bomb

Corporate cannibalism in the reckless pursuit of profits will lead to increased rents, a drop in real wages, and mass firings for the working class.

NYC Transit’s State of Emergency

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared a “State of Emergency” for the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

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