Capitalism at an Impasse

Only the conscious efforts of the working class can ensure the victory of the world socialist revolution and bring order out of capitalism’s chaos. Editorial for issue 34 of Socialist Revolution magazine.

Supreme Court Assaults Abortion Rights: Fight Back With Class Struggle!

News of the Supreme Court’s majority position on Roe v. Wade is a stark wake up call for all workers. An injury to one is an injury to all!

No War But the Class War!

Marxists must be clear on the fundamental class dynamics of the war. Behind the lofty lies and rhetoric lurk the class interests of the capitalists. Editorial for issue 32 of Socialist Revolution.

Smell the Fear of the Ruling Class

Since 2021, 137 bills have been proposed limiting what schools can teach. What does this say about the capitalists’ confidence in their system? Editorial for issue 31 of Socialist Revolution.

History Ain’t Over Yet

A tidal wave of class anger is building just beyond the horizon, and when the tsunami hits, the very shoreline will be transformed. Editorial for issue 30 of Socialist Revolution magazine.

UAW 450 Strike
The Class Struggle In America Heats Up

Just months into Biden’s administration, there is already talk of a “lame-duck president” and “failed presidency.” Far from “transformative,” Scranton Joe and the “lesser evil” have once again delivered more of the same. Editorial for […]

Marxism on the Rise

Workers and capitalists are on a collision course for a decisive showdown. They may have the money—but we have the numbers, ideas, and a world to win.

Debt, Inflation, and the New American Normality

Trump is out, Biden is in, and a “normality” appears to be settling in across the country. While the apologists of capitalism predict a robust recovery, this new normality will be one of crisis and […]

Revolution Is Our Future

Last year’s Black Lives Matter uprising was a point of inflection in US history. There is no question that the US is on the road to a decisive revolution, and this is the perspective the […]

We Are Not “All in This Together”

Far from offering any fundamental change needed to improve the lives of the working class, Biden’s task is to give the impression of change while leaving capitalism intact.

Biden Inaugurated as Democrats Take Charge for the Capitalists

Biden has been sworn in before an empty plaza patrolled by National Guards. Although the new administration will have a very different style than Trump’s, it remains a government of, by, and for big business.

Trump’s “Insurrection” and the Chaos of US Bourgeois Democracy

The scenes of Confederate flag–waving Proud Boys storming the US capitol—egged on by the president himself—mark a dramatic escalation of the crisis of the regime less than a week into 2021.