Two-party system animals
The Midterms, Kavanaugh, and the Fight for Socialism

The system is tapped out and has nothing left to offer but perpetual crisis and chaos. Like both major parties that defend it, it needs to be hung out to dry.

Karl Marx Colorized
Karl Marx is Alive and Kicking!

The International Marxist Tendency is committed to fighting alongside the working class to finish the work started by Marx and Engels.

Trump’s Madness and the Fight for Independent Working-Class Politics

The Administration’s multi-front assault against the working class has intensified in recent months, enabled by the complacency of the working class’s leaders and the betrayals of the Democratic Party.

Republicans and Democrats (painting by Anthony Freda)
The Greater Evil of American Politics

Editorial for Socialist Revolution Issue 7: “For or against” a decisive break from the party of the Clintons, Obamas, and Pelosis is a litmus test and line in the sand for the left.

The Turning of the Tide

Editorial for Socialist Revolution Issue 6: Capitalism beware! The West Virginia teachers and high school students nationwide are leading the charge as the mass movement roars back to life.

Capitalism is Unfit to Rule

In the editorial for Socialist Revolution Issue 5, John Peterson examines the many ways capitalism is pushing humanity to a breaking point, and the need to draw revolutionary conclusions from this process.

You Can’t Reform Capitalism—It Must Be Overthrown

In the editorial for Socialist Revolution Issue 4, we examine the question of reformism versus revolution, as well as so-called “non-reformist reforms.”

Lenin Trotsky Bolshevik Russian Revolution
Bolshevism is Alive and Well

John Peterson commemorates the centenary of the Russian Revolution and looks ahead to the future American socialist revolution in the editorial for Socialist Revolution Issue 3.

Which Side Are You On?

Capitalism’s Impending Catastrophe and How to Stop It: Editorial for Socialist Revolution Issue #2

Editorial: It’s Time for Socialist Revolution

Editorial for the first issue of Socialist Revolution. The task before us is nothing less than the struggle for worldwide socialist revolution in our lifetimes!

Time to Build a Real Resistance!

Publishing one hundred issues of a revolutionary Marxist magazine is something of a milestone in the land of the Red Scare and Joseph McCarthy.

trump trumka
The Ruling Class Takes Aim: Labor Must Unite and Fight!

By giving tiny crumbs to a few and scapegoating others, Trump hopes to distract us from the real source of the problems faced by all workers: capitalism.