You Can’t Reform Capitalism—It Must Be Overthrown

In the editorial for Socialist Revolution Issue 4, we examine the question of reformism versus revolution, as well as so-called “non-reformist reforms.”

Lenin Trotsky Bolshevik Russian Revolution
Bolshevism is Alive and Well

John Peterson commemorates the centenary of the Russian Revolution and looks ahead to the future American socialist revolution in the editorial for Socialist Revolution Issue 3.

Which Side Are You On?

Capitalism’s Impending Catastrophe and How to Stop It: Editorial for Socialist Revolution Issue #2

Editorial: It’s Time for Socialist Revolution

Editorial for the first issue of Socialist Revolution. The task before us is nothing less than the struggle for worldwide socialist revolution in our lifetimes!

Time to Build a Real Resistance!

Publishing one hundred issues of a revolutionary Marxist magazine is something of a milestone in the land of the Red Scare and Joseph McCarthy.

trump trumka
The Ruling Class Takes Aim: Labor Must Unite and Fight!

By giving tiny crumbs to a few and scapegoating others, Trump hopes to distract us from the real source of the problems faced by all workers: capitalism.

trump and obama chummy
Trump’s Inauguration: A Vulgar Display of Capitalist Decay and Desperation

And so begins the Trump era: with worldwide protests, pessimism, and polarization

Anti trump rally
U.S. Election 2016: The Farce of American Democracy

Electoral results provide an important, albeit imperfect snapshot of the mood in society at any given time. Processes that have been quietly evolving over years and decades suddenly surface and take form.

Election 2016: America’s Most Unwanted

Come November, Americans will get to “choose” which unpopular crook and liar will get to rule them on behalf of Wall Street for the next four years.

Police Brutality, Racism, and the Politics of Polarization

The grisly images on television and social media are unrelenting: car bombings, nightclub massacres, killer cops, and cop killers. It is what Lenin called capitalist “horror without end”—without end.

The Whole System is Rigged! Build a Mass Socialist Party!

That “the system is rigged” is the sentiment of millions of Americans as we head into the final stretch of the candidate selection process.

Sanders Rally
USA: Revolution on the Horizon

The US political pendulum, which had swung so far to the right, is beginning to swing dramatically in the opposite direction. Years of crisis and instability have inexorably had an effect on consciousness. Sanders’ insurgent […]

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