The Whole System is Rigged! Build a Mass Socialist Party!

That “the system is rigged” is the sentiment of millions of Americans as we head into the final stretch of the candidate selection process. 

Sanders Rally
USA: Revolution on the Horizon

The US political pendulum, which had swung so far to the right, is beginning to swing dramatically in the opposite direction. Years of crisis and instability have inexorably had an effect on consciousness. Sanders’ insurgent candidacy has put socialism in the headlines in an unprecedented way, reflecting the deep-seated discontent that has been slowly but surely percolating beneath the surface.

Reformism, Revolution, and the Crisis of US Capitalism

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 92 – These days, it would seem that nearly everyone is a socialist of some sort or another. That was certainly not the case back when Socialist Appeal was founded fifteen […]

The Crisis and the Minimum Wage

The “Great Recession” may have “technically” ended in June 2009, but what really matters are full employment and a steadily increasing quality of life. Capitalism’s inability to provide this is not due to individual malice […]

Independent Labor Candidates the Way Forward for U.S. Workers

Well over a year since Obama came to power, virtually nothing has been done for the labor movement—we need a mass party of labor to fight for and represent the interests of working class majority of this country. 

American Politics Gets Interesting

Editorial from Socialist Appeal No. 90 After years of monotonous two-party ping-pong, American politics has started to get interesting. Without a mass political party of our own, US workers are forced to abstain, cast a […]

The Time is Ripe for a Campaign for a Mass Party of Labor

Ever since we founded of the Workers International League and published the first issue of Socialist Appeal, the need for a mass party of labor has figured prominently in our program and work. The objective […]

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Power Concedes Nothing Without a Struggle

In this epoch of capitalist crisis, it is only a short step from an amorphous striving for basic rights and modest reforms to drawing fully revolutionary conclusions.

Bernie Sanders and the 2016 Presidential Election

Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party candidate for president of the United States, has attracted huge crowds and generated enormous enthusiasm at campaign stops around the country. He calls himself a socialist and urges a “political […]

Baltimore, Bernie Sanders, and the Brewing Revolution

Editorial for Socialist Appeal No. 88 With the heinous murder of Freddie Gray, the #BlackLivesMatter movement came roaring back to life. Tens of thousands of people again flooded streets across the country to protest against […]

Greece Demo
How to Fight Austerity and Win

Editorial for Socialist Appeal Number 87 In a world bleak with news of ISIS, Boko Haram, and the never-ending murders of unarmed black men by the police, Europe offers more than a glimmer of excitement […]

The War on Terror and the Terror of War

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 86 – The vicious cycle of state and individual terror continues unabated. Now France has been pulled violently into the maelstrom. The Marxists have long explained that imperialism and Islamic fundamentalism are two aspects of […]

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