Gun Control and Class Struggle

The recent attacks have shocked everyone. These repeated incidents of gun violence signify the decay of American capitalism.

The Pressure is Building

Editorial for Issue #76 – In one country after another, crisis, protests, war, revolution, and counterrevolution are raging. Here in the United States, however, it may seem to some that “nothing is happening.” But in reality, […]

The Roar of Revolution

From one day to the next, dramatic events can shake the world and galvanize workers’ attention. But with the grinding crisis of capitalism as a backdrop, these events should surprise no one.

Capitalism: "Horror Without End"

Editorial for issue #74 – The stream of distressing news seems to flow endlessly: School shootings from Colorado to Connecticut. Factory collapses and explosions from Bangladesh to Texas. Terrorist attacks from Pakistan to Boston. Crumbling […]

"Is Capitalism Dying?"

Editorial for Socialist Appeal Issue 72 – This was the pointed question posed in a recent article on the website of Forbes, the proud and unapologetic mouthpiece of capitalism. The very fact that the question of capitalism’s […]

Election 2012: Choice? What Choice?

Editorial for Socialist Appeal Issue 70 – It is hard to believe that nearly four years have already passed since the election of Barack Obama. The streets were filled with honking cars, waving flags, and […]

How to Beat the 1%

Editorial for Socialist Appeal Issue 69 – One year ago, Occupy Wall Street burst into the public consciousness. Similar actions had been tried just months earlier, but failed to take root. Up until its second week, OWS itself […]

Quality Jobs for All Now!

We’ve now entered the long, hot summer of the 2012 electoral campaign farce. Both Democrats and Republicans are positioning themselves for the last leg of the political marathon, kicking clouds of dust in the faces […]

No Choice for Workers?

Here we go again. Four more years have passed since the last presidential election cycle, and once again, organized labor finds itself with no real options. It is clear that if he were elected president, […]

wisconsin madison fist walker protest
“It Can’t Happen Here”

The American working class is just now awakening from a long winter slumber. In one country after another, a new generation is entering the path of revolutionary struggle.

Karl Marx
The Revenge of History

“Marx was right!” For Marxists, this is not a particularly profound revelation. We have long known that the German revolutionary’s analysis of capitalism was as fundamentally sound as the capitalist system itself is fundamentally unsound. […]

#Occupy Protest
The Tide Begins to Turn

For 30 years, American workers have been under assault. For decades, there were very few fight backs, and even fewer successes.  Politically, things shifted ever further to the right…But the “mole of history” has been […]

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