The Youth and the Socialist Future

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 83 – Today’s youth, the so-called millennials, face a bleak future under capitalism. They carry the highest student debt in history and have entered “adulthood” at a time when housing prices have skyrocketed and […]

The Decline of US Imperialism

In the decades after World War II, US imperialism ruled the roost over much of the planet. After the collapse of Stalinism and the USSR, we were told that we had entered a new era—the […]

Food and the Socialist Revolution

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 81 – Americans’ dysfunctional relationship with food is regularly lamented or mocked in the media and in academia. What is never explained is the root cause of this dysfunction. Marxism explains […]

What Next For Labor?

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 80 – Those who can see only the surface of society take this to mean that the working class either no longer exists, or is no longer a revolutionary force for change. The Marxists, […]

The 1% and the Simmering Discontent

For the first time in history, a majority of members of Congress are bona fide millionaires. If anyone still has any illusions that the Democrats are somehow a party that fights in the interests of […]

Election 2013 and the Changing Mood in America

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 78: Given the lack of opportunities for political expression in the US, even off-year elections provide important insights into where things stand politically and in which direction they are moving.

Ruling Class Divisions Deepen

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 77 – The worldwide crisis of capitalism is leading to a deep questioning of […]

Gun Control and Class Struggle

The recent attacks have shocked everyone. These repeated incidents of gun violence signify the decay of American capitalism.

The Pressure is Building

Editorial for Issue #76 – In one country after another, crisis, protests, war, revolution, and counterrevolution are raging. Here in the United States, however, it may seem to some that “nothing is happening.” But in reality, […]

The Roar of Revolution

From one day to the next, dramatic events can shake the world and galvanize workers’ attention. But with the grinding crisis of capitalism as a backdrop, these events should surprise no one.

Capitalism: "Horror Without End"

Editorial for issue #74 – The stream of distressing news seems to flow endlessly: School shootings from Colorado to Connecticut. Factory collapses and explosions from Bangladesh to Texas. Terrorist attacks from Pakistan to Boston. Crumbling […]

"Is Capitalism Dying?"

Editorial for Socialist Appeal Issue 72 – This was the pointed question posed in a recent article on the website of Forbes, the proud and unapologetic mouthpiece of capitalism. The very fact that the question of capitalism’s […]