Social Media Under Capitalism: Addictive, Manipulative, and Alienating

The profit motive is ultimately responsible for the addictive nature of internet technologies.

Cambridge Analytica Holds a Mirror up to the Mainstream Media

Facebook’s selling of personal data for political campaigns raised an outcry in the media. But these dirty tricks and murky advertising are nothing new.

"Lost Connections" Review: The Material Basis of Depression

The only way to ensure that people are not alienated from the world around them is to give them genuine control over their lives.

Tech Workers of the World, Unite!

The problem of tech capital’s increasing dominance over our lives can only be solved through the overthrow of the capitalist system by the organized working class.

Profits before people: Capitalists Abandon Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Research

Pfizer’s decision to abandon research on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s reflects the high-risk, low-reward nature of work on such diseases from a capitalist perspective.

American Infrastructure: From Rags to Ruins

Neither taxation nor privatization will keep our water clean, bridges safe, or roads intact. Taking control over these essentials means a fight against those who hold them–and us–hostage under a failing system.

Anti-Vax and the Crisis of Trust in Science

As with all production under capitalism, scientific production is not democratically controlled by the working class. We argue that the workers can and should be the drivers of scientific advancement.

The Murderous Nexus of Capitalist Profit and Pollution

On October 19, The Lancet reported that nine million premature deaths were caused by pollution-related disease in 2015—16% of deaths worldwide.

Amazon’s Menace to the Working Class

Having dominated the concentration of production in Seattle—occupying a fifth of the city’s total office space—the world’s largest internet retailer seeks another city to colonize.

Why Were the Hurricanes So Disastrous?

Two hurricanes have crashed into the Southeast in the last two weeks, and, as always, the poorest have been hit the hardest.

The Simmering Revolution in Evolution

In archaeology, new evidence and the resulting explanations have come to resemble the conclusions that Marxists reached long ago in explaining how dialectical materialism corresponds to the natural world.

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Trump Vows to Leave the Paris Accord

The US is drifting further towards protectionism, and abandoning its role as the guarantor of free trade on a world scale.