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Trump Vows to Leave the Paris Accord

The US is drifting further towards protectionism, and abandoning its role as the guarantor of free trade on a world scale.

EPA on the Chopping Block

The EPA is only the latest casualty in Trump’s steamrolling of the working class, science, and the environment.

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The Crisis of American Healthcare

The fundamental problem with US healthcare is simple: it is a for-profit system, not a healthcare system.

The Oroville Dam Crisis and the Decaying Infrastructure of the US

The Oroville dam spillway failure once again highlights the life-threatening decay of public infrastructure in the world’s richest country.

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Climate Change Changes California

When it comes to the richest state in the union, all capitalism can offer is patchwork reforms that are designed to fail. We need better to combat climate change – we need socialism.

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Capitalism’s $1.3 Trillion Unicorn Problem

It is said that a man standing on the edge of a cliff does not reason. Today’s global economy is full of cliffs, one of the steepest being the Silicon Valley tech sector, and the […]

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Capitalism Pushes Climate Change to New Levels

The rise in CO2 levels will result in a drastic decline or extinction of two-thirds of all plants and animals on the planet. 

Zika Virus: Capitalism's Infectious Horror Without End

As of April 2016, there have been 700 confirmed cases related to the Zika Virus in the United States.

Flint Poisoned: Capitalism’s New Normalcy

Over 25 years after Michael Moore’s film Roger and Me depicted the devastation of Flint after the collapse of the local auto industry, the city has become the poster child for something that “isn’t supposed […]

The “Pinocchio Agreement” on Climate Change

The real result of the Paris climate talks is a promise to increase emissions from current levels, doing tremendous harm to the environment in the process. The capitalist powers do not admit this, of course. […]

The Sound and the Fury

President Obama’s recently announced Clean Power Plan, which calls for a 32% decline in US carbon dioxide emissions (from 2005 levels) by 2030, and which will go effect in 2022, is being heralded as a […]

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Volkswagen Scandal—The Bosses Can’t Be Trusted!

US regulators have discovered that German automaker Volkswagen has been systematically cheating its emissions tests on diesel vehicles in order to increase its profits. The scale of the scandal is huge, with Volkswagen subsequently admitting […]