EMSF / WIL Flyer on the Immigrant Workers Movement

A leaflet based on the article The Tasks of the Immigrant Workers’ Movement: For a working class program!.  Available in both English and Spanish.

Immigrant Rights Rally in Response to New Bedford Raid

On March 12th and 13th there were demonstrations called in Providence, RI in response to the raid, detention and deportation of immigrant workers that took place last week in the Massachusetts city of New Bedford. […]

The Tasks of the Immigrant Workers’ Movement: For a working class program!

As we approach the first anniversary of the immigrant worker mega-marches, the struggle for our rights continues. We defeated the Sensenbrenner bill, and yet the attacks on the families of undocumented workers have intensified. Attacks […]

Hundreds of Immigrant Workers Detained in Raid

Early in the morning of March 6th, two days before International Women’s Day, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials made a massive raid at a sweatshop in the Massachusetts city of New Bedford. 327 workers, […]

Women and Revolution – On International Working Women's Day

Mainstream feminism has attempted to reduce March 8th to a vague and depoliticised celebration of the female sex as a homogenous group, but to socialists and working class women the world over, it is a […]

2007 MLK Day March in St. Louis

The MLK Day march in St. Louis, MO is perennially one of the largest in the country and arguably the most politicized.  This year was no different, with many older participants singing “We Shall Overcome”, […]

How Capitalism Failed African Americans

The Second American Revolution [The U.S. Civil War] was a tremendous step forward, but it never realized its promise to Black Americans. The real winners in the Civil War were the Northern capitalists who opened […]

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

January 15 is Martin Luther King Jr. day, a day to remember the struggle of […]

Why We Oppose "Guest Worker" Programs

While some claim that through the issuing of temporary work visas, immigrants will at the very least have some basic protections, the reality is that these protections are extremely limited and are virtually unenforceable.

Workers and Youth in Providence, RI Defend Immigrant Workers from Racists

On August 8th a group of some 30 workers and youth assembled in Providence at the Rhode Island State House to counter-protest the “Paul Revere Ride” (PRR), a racist motorcycle gang making a 48 state […]

US Perspectives 2006 – The Immigrant Rights Movement

In recent months, millions of immigrants and their supporters have hit the streets in the most massive social mobilization in decades.

The Assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X

Over thirty years ago, Malcolm X (1965) and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (1968) were assassinated. There have always been many unanswered questions about both of these murders. Roland Sheppard takes a look at both […]

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