Resolution Supporting Immigrant Rights Passed by ILWU #10

Resolution Passed by ILWU Local 10 in San Francisco. Take this to your union local and use as a model for similar resolutions.  An injury to one is an injury to all!

Massive movement of immigrants against Bush policies

The move to the left that we workers are experiencing will be sooner or later reflected in the United States. The revolutions and insurrections we are seeing in Latin America, particularly in Venezuela and Bolivia, […]

"We Are the Working Class of America"
Undocumented Immigrants: “We Are the Working Class of America”

Demonstrations and marches have been taking across the USA, but it wasn’t until Chicago’s 500,000 and Los Angeles’ 1,000,000-plus marches that the mood really took off. Taking their inspiration from these historic and unexpected turnouts, […]

International Working Women's Day – By V.I. Lenin

“The working woman and the peasant woman are oppressed by capital, but over and above that, even in the most democratic of the bourgeois republics, they remain, firstly, deprived of some rights because the law […]

The Truth Behind Bush's Immigration "Reform"

Bush’s new plan for immigration “reform” will benefit only the ruling classes of the US and Latin America, Mexico in particular.  Working people will only see their conditions of life further deteriorate while big business […]

The Anti-Immigration Laws: Who Are the Real Friends of Latin American Workers?

In the recent past, the question of illegal immigration and immigrant rights has hit the headlines once again. Anti-immigrant pronouncements by various local and national government officials, as well as several proposed pieces of legislation […]

The New Orleans Disaster: The Real Face of “Capitalism of the 21st Century”

As disaster hits Texas, we republish our article on Katrina, which struck exactly 12 years ago.

The Emancipation of Women in Russia before and after the Russian Revolution – Part Two

On March 8, International Working Women’s Day, we published the first part of this article. The second part deals with the negative effects of the Stalinist degeneration of the soviet state and how this led […]

The Emancipation of Women in Russia before and after the Russian Revolution – Part One

To celebrate International Working Women’s Day we are publishing an article on women and the Russian Revolution. It shows how that single event did more for women than any other struggle that had come before […]

From the rice fields to the modern day call centers – Marxism vs. Feminism. Part one.

Tomorrow, March 8, is International Working Women’s Day, and to mark this important event we are publishing this article. It was first printed in issue Number 5 of ‘In difesa del marxismo’, the theoretical magazine […]

From the rice fields to the modern day call centers – Marxism vs. Feminism. Part two.

Following on from our publication of Part One of this article to commemorate March 8, International Working Women’s Day, we are publishing Part Two, which starts with the role of women in the Italian resistance […]

Rape cases highlight terrible plight of women in Pakistan

Sadaf Zahra looks at the terrible situation in Pakistan where rapes and killings are done in the name of family honour, and are rarely investigated by the police. In areas where tribal customs still prevail, […]

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