PHX Police Killed Someone Here
The Fight Against Police Brutality in Phoenix

Phoenix, the fifth-largest city in the country, has witnessed significantly more police brutality than comparably sized American cities.

Black Lives Matter Protest
The Revolutionary Socialist Case For Reparations

The historical struggle for “forty acres and a mule” demonstrates that inequality, racism, and oppression are hardwired into capitalism.

New Zealand Christchurch Terrorist Attack
Christchurch Massacre: Far-Right Terrorism and the Growing Barbarism of Capitalist Society

Why are such acts of terrorism taking place, and what can be done to end this barbarism?

Bail Bonds
Cash Bail Exposes Criminal Injustice

The system of cash bail and its variants is an object lesson in how the criminal justice system is heavily rigged in favor of the rich.

US-Mexico Border Wall
The Class Interests Behind Trump’s Wall

The dramatic “standoff” between Trump and the Democrats over border policy is a cynical charade between two parties that represent one and the same class.

Women's March Washington DC
The Women’s March and the Fight Against Trump

After three years of mass protests across the country and beyond, let us evaluate what the Women’s March has accomplished.

Marriage Rings and Money
"And They Lived Happily Ever After . . ."

For those who own and dominate our world, marriage is fundamentally a tool to preserve wealth, power, and privileges.

Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting
Pittsburgh Synagogue Attack: Capitalism and its Monsters

On Saturday, October 27, the neo-Nazi Robert Bowers unleashed a foul nightmare upon the Shabbat service of a Pittsburgh synagogue, massacring eleven worshippers.

Statement: Internationalist Solidarity with the Central American Migrant Caravan

We publish here a joint solidarity statement from the comrades of Bloque Popular Juvenil in El Salvador, Izquierda Marxista in Honduras, and La Izquierda Socialista in Mexico.

60s weight-loss ad
How Capitalism Profits from Eating Disorders

The prevalence of eating disorders is yet another indictment of capitalism’s willingness to sacrifice people’s lives at the altar of capital.

Women's Strike Spain 2018
My Journey from Feminism to Marxism: Why I Joined the IMT

An ongoing series on membership in the IMT, in which comrades explain what drove them to reject the capitalist system and embrace revolutionary socialism.

Stop separating families ICE
[Leaflet] Immediate Unconditional Legalization for All!

The demand to #AbolishICE is gaining traction in the wake of Trump’s latest attacks—but the repression on the border goes far beyond this individual agency.

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