Prison Strikes and the Third American Revolution

The prison-industrial complex is big business: the US now incarcerates more than 2.2 million people—the largest prison population in the world.

Boston Masses Shut Down Racists

Between the puny numbers of racists and the tens of thousands who showed up to denounce them in Boston on August 19, the balance of forces between fascism and the working class is overwhelmingly in […]

Marxism vs. Intersectionality

What is intersectionality theory? Is it useful for fighting oppression, and is it compatible with Marxism?

Socialism or Barbarism: Femicide in Mexico

Originating in Argentina against gender-based violence, the #NiUnaMenos movement quickly jumped borders, engulfing the region in the struggle against women’s oppression.

On the Day After the Revolution

The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 marked a fundamental break with the old order and the beginning of the socialist transformation of society.

deportees bus
Defeating Trump’s “Deportation Force”

Since coming to power, Trump has hit hard and fast. In his first weeks in office, he has put 11 million undocumented workers in the crosshairs.

Standing Rock struggle against North Dakota pipeline
Solidarity With Standing Rock!

On the windswept plains of south-central North Dakota, hundreds of miles from any major city, a slowly simmering drama has exploded suddenly into public consciousness.

kaepernick kneel
Kaepernick’s Stand Against Police Brutality

Colin Kaepernick, a second-string NFL quarterback of former Super Bowl fame, provoked an eruption of vitriol and solidarity when he refused to stand during the national anthem.

Childhood, Family, and the Decline of Capitalism

Childhood is supposed to be a simple, happy time, the ascendant years of a human’s life when the possibilities for the future are wide open. This heartfelt desire for a better future for your children has […]

France: Backlash Against Burkini Ban Forces Court Suspension

Fifteen holiday resorts in France, predominantly in the southeast of the country, have recently attempted to ban full-body swimsuits, known as burkinis, provoking uproar in response.

Milwaukee: This is the Madness That They Spark Up!

Another murder by the police. Another young black man dead. On August 13, Sylville Smith was killed by a police officer in a sequence of all-too-familiar events that began with a “suspicious car.”

Can Abortion Rights be Entrusted to the Supreme Court?

The US Supreme Court voted to strike down a Texas law aimed at restricting access to abortion facilities. Similar laws were rejected in Mississippi, Wisconsin, and Alabama.

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