Sectarian Riots in Ireland: a Bad End to a Bad Peace

Over the past week, the North of Ireland has seen its worst rioting in years, ostensibly over the Northern Ireland Protocol signed by the Westminster government with the EU.

The Duke of Edinburgh Dies—Time for the Monarchy to Pass Away

Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, has died. We say: Abolish the Monarchy! Topple this rotten reactionary relic! For a socialist system that abolishes inequality!

metropolitan police pushing through protestors
COVID Clampdowns: Defend Civil Liberties!

Capitalist governments around the world are making the most of the COVID-19 pandemic to criminalize protest and to clamp down on dissent. The workers’ organizations must fight back!

Myanmar: For an Armed Workers’ Uprising to Bring Down the Military Junta

A revolution is underway in Myanmar and the masses are showing immense courage. An armed workers’ uprising and an all-out, continuous general strike must be organized to topple the murderous junta!

Ever Given ship blocking the Suez Canal Aerial View
Blockage in the Suez Canal: the Week World Trade Stopped

The blockage of the Suez Canal had a major impact on the world economy. This event could have long term consequences that are difficult to calculate.

Vaccine Nationalism: A Capitalist Disorder

Vaccine nationalism demonstrates that capitalism is unable to deal with a virus that has no respect for borders, profit margins, or national interests.

Italy Amazon Strike Shows Potential for Workers’ Fightback

IMT comrades in Italy send us this exciting report of a nationwide strike of Amazon workers on March 22. These workers also sent a message of solidarity to the brothers and sisters in Bessemer, Alabama.

Brazil in Collapse: Down with the Bolsonaro Government!

The pandemic is out of control in Brazil. The Bolsonaro government is centrally responsible for this situation, and his actions are at the service of the economic interests of the big business owners.

Britain: Sarah Everard—Killed by the System We’re Told “Protects” Us

The horrific murder of Sarah Everard has led to an eruption of anger and protest. To end violence against women, we must fight to end capitalism.

Solidarity Campaign for Locked Out Molson Workers in Toronto Escalates

Molson Coors has locked out 300 of its workers in Toronto. The struggle of these workers to defend good union jobs is the fight of the entire working class.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Scandal at the Palace: British Monarchy Rocked by Revelations in Television Interview

The British monarchy has been dealt a devastating blow after a compromising Oprah Winfrey interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry was aired on March 7.

Senegal flag and mass movement
Insurrectionary Anger Erupts in Senegal

Over the last few days, a social eruption has shaken Senegal. The movement, emerging apparently from nowhere, has quickly gained insurrectionary features.