El Salvador: Expropriate and Nationalize Florenzi Industries under Workers’ Control!

Workers of Florenzi Industries in El Salvador are battling their bosses and the state institutions over factory closures and non-payment of wages. Join the solidarity campaign to support the workers!

In Scandalous Last-Minute Decision, Trump Designates Cuba as “State Sponsor of Terrorism”

In yet another scandalous provocation, he US has decided to designate Cuba as a “state sponsor of terrorism.” As revolutionary Marxists we unconditionally defend the Cuban Revolution against imperialism and capitalist restoration. Hands off Cuba!

Chaotic Capitalism Hampers COVID-19 Vaccination Campaigns

With the new vaccines being administered around the world, one would think we are approaching the end of this pandemic. However, in their haste to get the economy moving again, politicians and profiteers are ignoring […]

Happy New Year—for Some

At the dawn of 2021, capitalism is in a profound crisis. While a handful of billionaires enrich themselves, the vast majority are trapped between the coronavirus pandemic and poverty. But Marxists remain optimists.

Pakistan: Amar Fayaz Released!

Comrade Amar Fayaz was released on January 3 after his abduction by Pakistani security forces. Amar’s release was made possible through the immense international campaign organized by students, youth, and workers from all around the […]

[Video] Socialism in Our Lifetime! Why We Need a Revolutionary Organization

In this video from our online Marxist School, IMT organizers from across the world share their experiences of building the revolutionary organization in their countries.

International Solidarity for Comrade Amar Fayaz

Comrade Amar Fayaz was abducted a month ago by state authorities in Pakistan, and his whereabouts are still unknown. Comrades all around the world are showing solidarity. Join the international campaign!

SOE Bond Defaults in China Show Turbulent Days Ahead

A string of bond defaults by top-rated Chinese state-owned companies reveals that the Chinese state is fundamentally unable to avoid the organic crisis of the capitalist system.

250 Million Workers Strike in India

On November 26, nearly 250 million workers participated in a strike in urban and rural areas all over India. The strike, called by the ten main trade unions, was the fifth in the six years […]

Venezuelan National Assembly Elections amidst Imperialist Meddling Marked by Low Turnout

The US and the EU had already announced in advance they would not recognize the results, but the Guaidó card is exhausted. The PSUV victory announces a deepening of its rightward political shift.

What does the Monetary Reorganization in Cuba Mean?

What are the “monetary reorganization” measures that are being proposed in Cuba, why are they proposed now, and what impact do they have on the material basis of the Cuban revolution?

UNISON Election in Britain: Left Victory Would Transform the Situation

The general secretary election for Britain’s largest trade union is down to the wire. Our British comrades of Socialist Appeal are all out calling for a vote for class-fighter left-wing candidate Paul Holmes.

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