Suicide of 17-Year-Old Worker Exposes Horrific Exploitation in Chinese “Factory Internships”

We received the following report about a horrific practice in China, where school students are contracted to work in factories by their schools and forced to toil in slave-like conditions.

Map of Heat Wave
Capitalism’s Heat Wave Wreaks Havoc in North America

The capitalist system is responsible for the deadly and unprecedented heat wave in western North America.

Riots in South Africa: the Poor Lash Out

Widespread riots in South Africa have been fueled by anger, desperation and frustration over deepening poverty and the economic impact of COVID-19 restrictions.

Defend British Marxists from the Labour Party Purge!

The Labour Party right wing are bureaucratically maneuvering to permanently ban Socialist Appeal. This is a direct political attack on the left and the ideas of socialism. The whole left must mobilize to fight this […]

The Lessons of the Myanmar Revolution

After months of heroic struggle of the masses who faced brutal repression of the military regime, the revolution in Myanmar has ebbed. Why have we reached this situation, and what lessons need to be learned?

Image: Ricardo López Hevia
Protests in Cuba: Defend the Revolution!

The situation in Cuba is serious. What are these protests? What is their character? How do we as revolutionaries respond? Defend the Cuban Revolution!

Afghanistan: Humiliating US Defeat, the Return of the Taliban, and the Threat of Civil War

Afghanistan is hurtling toward civil war as US forces withdraw. After two decades of bloody occupation, at a cost of more than $2 trillion, US imperialism has failed to achieve any of the aims it […]

[Audio] Israel, Palestine, and the Socialist Solution

The oppression of the Palestinian people has dragged on for so long, that many ask: is there any solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict? In our latest podcast episode, Fred Weston presents a Marxist perspective for […]

Haiti President Jovenel Moïse Assassinated

Haitian President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated early this morning at his home by unidentified gunmen.

Founding of the Chinese Communist Party: Heroism and Tragedy

The CCP is an instrument of capitalist domination today, but it began as a genuine revolutionary party led by dedicated and heroic cadres.

Assassination of Palestinian Activist Sparks Outburst of Anger

In the last few days, an outburst of anger has rippled through the West Bank following the brutal murder of the activist and outspoken critic of Abbas and the PA, Nizar Banat.

Cuba Embargo Cartoon
Overwhelming UN Vote against Blockade of Cuba, which US will Ignore

The US blockade on Cuba is overwhelmingly opposed by the world’s nations. But also, the United Nations is, at best, a toothless talking shop.