The 8th Congress of the PCC and the Challenges Facing the Cuban Revolution

In April, the Communist Party of Cuba held its 8th congress, which culminated the process of replacing the historical leadership in a context of economic crisis and dangerous economic reforms.

Peru: Castillo’s Election—A Major Political Earthquake

The victory of Pedro Castillo in the Peruvian presidential election reflects the enormous social and political polarization in the country.

Kamloops Residential School Memorial
Canada: Mass Grave at Former Kamloops Residential School Exposes Crimes of Colonization

The discovery of a mass grave of 215 children at a former residential school exposes Canada’s history of oppression and genocide against Indigenous people.

Chile Constituent Convention Election Results: A Blow to the Regime Parties

The results of the elections to the Constituent Convention in Chile over the weekend represent a political earthquake, showing a strong rejection of all established parties. This is a political expression (albeit distorted) of the […]

Colombia: Theses on the National Strike

The movement in Colombia that successfully beat back Duque’s tax theft is at a crucial juncture. Our Colombian comrades have written the following 10-point thesis for how the struggle must proceed.

The Montreal Dockers’ Strike Comes to an End: Who Will Dare to Defy Back-To-Work Legislation?

The Canadian government passed back-to-work legislation to crush the strike of longshore workers in Montreal, Quebec. How can workers fight anti-labor laws?

Mass Movement in Colombia Defeats Tax Reform: Now Bring Duque Down!

More than 50,000 protestors took to the street to bring down Duque’s tax bill. Now we need to fight for a socialist government, in which the working class runs society and takes the reins of […]

Shut Down Ontario! Open Letter Calls for ONDP and Labor Leaders to Organize Mass Work Refusals

In Ontario, Canada, the Ford government and big business have let thousands of workers contract the virus in unsafe workplaces. In response, a movement calling for mass work refusals has sprung up in the province.

Canada: Socialism or UBI?

A universal basic income is being seriously discussed across Canada, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Superficially, UBI proposals can look attractive for the left. What position should socialists take?

Venezuelan People’s Revolutionary Alternative meeting
Venezuela: People’s Revolutionary Alternative Launches Founding Congress Appeal

The Venezuelan People’s Revolutionary Alternative organized the public launch of its founding congress. This is an important step forward for the left-wing opposition to the anti-working class course taken by Maduro.

Peru Presidential Elections: Surprise Victory of Militant Union Leader Reflects Crisis of the Regime

The success of the militant trade union leader Pedro Castillo in the first round of the elections in Peru reflects the collapse of the middle ground and the crisis of the regime.

Brazil in Collapse: Down with the Bolsonaro Government!

The pandemic is out of control in Brazil. The Bolsonaro government is centrally responsible for this situation, and his actions are at the service of the economic interests of the big business owners.