Haiti: The Fight against Dictatorship and the Revolutionary Struggle for Democracy

The despotic President of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse, is refusing to step down. The Haitian masses must break with the rotten bourgeois regime altogether, and establish a revolutionary constituent assembly.

Documentary about the Chilean uprising in 2019
“Santiago Rising” Film by Nick MacWilliam: a Burst of Anger and Hope

“Santiago Rising,” a documentary by Nick MacWilliam, is a powerful portrayal of the insurrectionary uprising that shocked Chile at the end of 2019.

El Salvador: Expropriate and Nationalize Florenzi Industries under Workers’ Control!

Workers of Florenzi Industries in El Salvador are battling their bosses and the state institutions over factory closures and non-payment of wages. Join the solidarity campaign to support the workers!

In Scandalous Last-Minute Decision, Trump Designates Cuba as “State Sponsor of Terrorism”

In yet another scandalous provocation, he US has decided to designate Cuba as a “state sponsor of terrorism.” As revolutionary Marxists we unconditionally defend the Cuban Revolution against imperialism and capitalist restoration. Hands off Cuba!

Venezuelan National Assembly Elections amidst Imperialist Meddling Marked by Low Turnout

The US and the EU had already announced in advance they would not recognize the results, but the Guaidó card is exhausted. The PSUV victory announces a deepening of its rightward political shift.

What does the Monetary Reorganization in Cuba Mean?

What are the “monetary reorganization” measures that are being proposed in Cuba, why are they proposed now, and what impact do they have on the material basis of the Cuban revolution?

Political Crisis and Class Struggle in Peru

Events are moving very fast in Peru. On November 9, the president Martin Vizcarra was removed from office. Now, the new Merino government has fallen under the pressure of the mass movement unleashed in recent […]

Femicides in Mexico: Justice for Alexis!

Last week, 20-year-old Alexis went missing in Cancún. On Sunday, her dead mutilated body was found in plastic bags. Thousands of youths are taking to the streets to protest against this brutal murder.

Sign hangs over a rally in Chile, reading "a un ano del despertar ni dormidos ni ignorantes el pueblo sigue adelante"
Overwhelming Victory in the Chilean Constitutional Referendum: a Blow to Piñera and the Regime

A resounding majority have voted “approve” in the referendum on whether to change the Chilean […]

MAS victory in Bolivia
Bolivia: A Resounding Victory for MAS

The MAS (Movement for Socialism) has returned to power in Bolivia following a crushing victory in the recent elections. Bold socialist measures are necessary to overcome this period of crisis.

Haiti crowd
Socialism or Barbarism: Where is Haiti Going?

The following article explains the situation in Haiti, where President Jovenel Moïse is hurtling towards naked dictatorship. Workers and youth must organize to overthrow this rotten system.

Hacker Threatens Leading Member of Esquerda Marxista (Brazil IMT)

The Brazilian section of the IMT has faced an online attack from an anonymous individual in an attempt to silence our revolutionary ideas. We send our full support and solidarity.

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