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Perspectives for Class Struggle in Canada

Although we cannot predict exactly when events are going to happen, it is looking fairly certain that the relative calm of the past few years will not continue. In the relative short term, the instability […]

“Democracy Behind Bars” in Venezuela? Who is Leopoldo López?

One wonders how many mistakes, glaring omissions and biased statements can one fit in just two paragraphs of just 88 words. When it comes to Venezuela, the answer is, a lot. On Friday, March 27, […]

Quebec: Thousands in the Streets as Student Strike Kicks Off

On March 21, thousands of students took to the streets of Montreal to protest austerity. The demonstration was part of the “Spring 2015” anti-austerity movement, organized by various student associations.

Venezuela: A Threat to US National Security?

We reaffirm our solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela faced with imperialist aggression.

The Transition to Socialism in Venezuela: What Is To Be Done?

Sixteen years since Chávez came to power, the Bolivarian Revolution has still not been completed. A revolution cannot be carried out partially. Either it goes all the way in removing capitalism once and for all, […]

Cuban Revolution: Fidel Castro Huye Batista
Cuba 50 Years Later—Where Is the Revolution Going?

The Cuban Revolution, on the basis of its nationalized planned economy and the Cuban people’s willingness to defend it, has endured for decades despite being so closely situated to the most powerful imperialist power on Earth. […]

Mexico: "We Are Determined to Change This Country"

The violent abduction and disappearance of 43 students in the state of Guerrero in September has plunged Mexico into a deep social and political crisis. The case of the Ayotzinapa students has brought the masses […]

Mexico: Anger Over Disappeared Ayotzinapa Students Refuses to Go Away

It is now seven weeks since the police attacked students from the Ayotzinapa teacher training college and then kidnapped 43 of the survivors and handed them over to a drug cartel. The brutal incident in […]

Brazil Football World Cup Inequality
Brazil: Who is the World Cup For?

This year’s football world cup tournament has brought to the surface a whole series of contradictions between public and private interests, between the interests of the bourgeoisie and those of the working class.

Venezuela: Neither Agreements Nor Conciliation—Complete the Revolution!

On the evening of April 10, the main political representatives of the Venezuelan opposition attended a meeting at Miraflores Presidential Palace with representatives of the government and the Bolivarian revolution. The meeting generated a lively […]

Chile Allende 1973 Crowd
Lessons of Chile 1973

We publish here a document written in 1979 by Alan Woods analyzing the history of the Chilean labor movement, the period of the Popular Unity coalition government of Allende, and the brutal Pinochet coup.

Road block, 15 April. Photo: Marco Hernández
Venezuela: A Developing Coup Attempt – Urgent Action Needed

On Sunday April 14, Bolivarian candidate Nicolas Maduro won the Venezuelan presidential election by a narrow margin. With 99.12% of the votes counted, there was a 78.71% turn out, with Maduro receiving 7,505,378 votes (50.66%), […]