Peru: Usurper Boluarte Declares State of Emergency to Crush December 15 National Strike

Mobilizations opposing the coup against President Pedro Castillo in Peru have put the government of the usurper Dina Boluarte on the ropes.

Peru: Oligarchy Launches Coup against Pedro Castillo

The political crisis has accelerated in Peru. President Castillo decreed the closing down of Congress, but was swiftly arrested by police. Congress then proclaimed his vice president as the new president.

Peru: An Urgent Call for Mobilization in the Streets to Stop the Right Wing

The Peruvian oligarchy has removed Castillo, despite his promises to maintain the bourgeois constitutional regime. Peruvians must demonstrate that true power comes from the fist of the working class and poor peasants.

AMLO’s March on 27N: Huge Demonstration of the Mexican People’s Strength

1.2 million people flooded the streets of Mexico City in response to Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s call for a march. It was a powerful show of strength by the Mexican people.

Education Strike in Canada: Make it General, Bring Down Ford!

In Ontario, Canada, 55,000 education workers are waging an inspiring struggle against the rotten provincial government of Doug Ford.

Lula Narrowly Wins Brazilian Presidency: The Fight against Bolsonarismo Continues!

Bolsonaro has been defeated at the polls, but “Bolsonarismo” is alive and kicking, and will have to be defeated in the factories and workplaces.

No to Imperialist Intervention in Haiti!

The imperialists have plunged Haiti into a misery without parallel in the Americas. Now, Canada, the United States, and the UN are openly discussing a new intervention in Haiti.

Scarcity, Blackouts, and Migration in Cuba: Will the New Economic Measures Help?

The Cuban Revolution is at a very dangerous crossroads. It can only be saved through workers’ democracy and proletarian internationalism.

Hurricane Ian Batters Cuba: Blackout and Protests

Hurricane Ian battered Cuba last week. Thanks to Cuba’s effective civil defense system, the loss of life was minimal, although material damage was very extensive.

El huracán Ian azota Cuba

Llegó a Cuba el huracán Ian azotando la isla durante siete horas. Gracias a las eficientes sistema de defensa civil para prevenir los daños, la pérdida de vidas fue mínima aunque los daños materiales fueron […]

Hurricanes, Bankruptcy, and Austerity: Puerto Rican Workers Pay for Capitalist Crisis

Hurricane Fiona dealt a catastrophic blow to Puerto Rico, causing devastating floods and the collapse of the water and power infrastructure. This event marks yet another chapter in the island’s perpetual squeeze by US capitalism.

Starbucks Workers Serve up Shot of Strike Action in Fight for Union Rights

After being hit with a wave of retaliatory firings of union organizers across the US in recent months, Starbucks workers have responded in kind with a string of walkouts and strikes.