China vs. the United States in the Pacific: What Does It Mean for Humanity?

An important conflict is developing in the Pacific about who is to dominate this key region. In fact, the main pivot of US foreign policy is against the growing influence of China.

“Bongbong” Elected in the Philippines: Is this the Return of the Dictatorship?

Bongbong’s landslide victory was a result of deep discontent within the masses, which found no class expression due to the lack of a mass workers’ party with a revolutionary socialist program.

Sri Lanka: Call a Hartal, Prepare for Power!

A month has passed since nationwide anger erupted in Sri Lanka, leaving the ruling class shellshocked. It is about time that the trade union leaders take the path of struggle and organize the fight seriously.

Protest and Flag Image
Sri Lanka: The Masses Must Organize and Trust Their Own Strength!

The most spectacular struggle of the Sri Lankan people since the 1953 Hartal is presently unfolding. Only class independence can lead to victory!

India: Casualized Care Workers on Indefinite Strike

DSAWHU has been on strike since January against unbearable working conditions and low pay. Their struggle is an example to the labor movement across India.

Flooding Vietnam Climate Change Disaster
Vietnam’s Climate Catastrophe and Economic Disaster

Having endured a severe economic downturn triggered by the pandemic, the severe typhoon season threw farmers and workers into hellish conditions.

Launch of Taiwanese Marxist Magazine: New Youth!

Taiwanese supporters of the IMT have launched their own printed publication, New Youth. This is a big step forward for the forces of Marxism in the country.

Hijab ban protest
Solidarity with Hijab Ban Protests in Southern India!

The banning of the hijab in Karnataka state is a continuation of the vile policy of the Indian ruling class to divide the people on the basis of religion.

Kazakhstan: The Roots of the Rising

The path to victory for the masses of Kazakhstan can be forged only by a united Kazakh working class, armed with a clear socialist program.

Myanmar 8888 mural
Myanmar: A Balance Sheet of the 1988 Uprising

The 1988 Myanmar uprising was a turning point in the country’s history. Today’s fighters must learn from this rich revolutionary heritage.

Kazakhstan: President Calls in Foreign Troops to Smash Protest Movement

Kazakhstani and Russian forces moved to put down the mass movement. Workers can only rely on their own strength to finish the revolution.

Kazakhstan: Fuel Price Protests Lead to Uprising

Protests in Kazakhstan against gas price rises have transformed into an uprising that shows no sign of abating.