Fumio Kishida
Japan: LDP Hold Onto Power As Majority Reject Rotten Establishment

Although the governing Liberal Democratic Party is increasingly unpopular, the liberal opposition saw losses in recent Japanese elections.

yuan, money
Evergrande Crisis: Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics

The Chinese government is staring into the abyss with the impending collapse of Evergrande whose debts have climbed to more than $300 billion.

Squid Game: No Winners Under Capitalism

Squid Game reflects the horrors of capitalism and its death agonies. For the Korean working class, the task is revolution.

Korea militant strike
Militant National Strike in South Korea Shows Anger Against Capitalist Establishment

The KCTU’s national mobilization of thousands of workers was a show of force and anger against the brutal realities created by South Korean capitalism.

Tokyo Olympics: Whoever Wins, the Workers Lose

The much-delayed Tokyo Olympics proceed without fans and amidst general disapproval from Japanese workers and youth—who rightly fear the danger of spreading COVID-19 while being forced to make up the shortfall from ticket sales.

Suicide of 17-Year-Old Worker Exposes Horrific Exploitation in Chinese “Factory Internships”

We received the following report about a horrific practice in China, where school students are contracted to work in factories by their schools and forced to toil in slave-like conditions.

The Lessons of the Myanmar Revolution

After months of heroic struggle of the masses who faced brutal repression of the military regime, the revolution in Myanmar has ebbed. Why have we reached this situation, and what lessons need to be learned?

Founding of the Chinese Communist Party: Heroism and Tragedy

The CCP is an instrument of capitalist domination today, but it began as a genuine revolutionary party led by dedicated and heroic cadres.

Lie Flat Meme in China
Lie Flat in China: Discontent Among the Youth Bursting to the Surface

Chinese youth have been expressing their frustration in increasingly open ways online, which shows that there is an even deeper reserve of anger among the Chinese general masses.

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Tiananmen: a Marxist Reading Guide

June 4th is the anniversary of the crushing of the 1989 Tiananmen Square movement. We publish a reading guide on these events, as both the western media and the Chinese regime actively hide what happened.

Imperialism in Asia: Biden Escalates Meddling in Taiwan

Talk of a potential military confrontation between China, the United States, and Japan over the question of Taiwan have escalated recently.

A health worker wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) carries a patient suffering from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outside the casualty ward at Guru Teg Bahadur hospital, in New Delhi, India, April 24, 2021.
Horror Without End: India’s COVID Catastrophe

A brutal second wave of COVID-19 is ravaging India. The healthcare system is totally overrun. The dying lie in hospital corridors, parking lots, on the streets, in their homes, begging for medical attention that will never come.