Hong Kong protests at the airport
Hong Kong: Either Class Struggle or Defeat

Despite increasing pressure from Beijing and the Carrie Lam government, the movement is entering its second month with growing militancy.

Hong Kong Protests Force Extradition Bill Suspension

In spite of the government issuing public apologies and suspending the bill, a new mass protest erupted on June 16. The movement must go forward!

Release Rawal Asad PYA
Pakistan: Judge Refuses to Hear the Case of Jailed Marxist

Rawal Asad, a Marxist student from Multan, was arrested for his participation in a PTM protest and now faces sedition charges.

US IMT Congress 2018
IMT Statement Regarding US Embassy and the Workers' Struggle in China

On December 11, 2018, the US Embassy in China published a blog post referring to the political work of our comrades in Madison, Wisconsin.

Kim Jong-un shakes hands with Moon Jae-in
North Korea Breaks out of Diplomatic Isolation

Although Trump is attempting to bask in the glow of success, the latest turn demonstrates the relative weakening of US imperialism.

The comrades abducted by the Pakistani state have been released.
All Pakistani Comrades Released: International Solidarity Campaign Victorious!

All the comrades abducted by the Sindh Rangers on the orders of the brutal Pakistani state have been released.

PYA Rally against state sponsored brutal murder of Mashal Khan free education unemployment and restoration of student unions
Pakistan: Seven IMT Comrades Arrested by the Army!

We call on all our readers to protest against the abduction of seven IMT comrades in Pakistan by the army.

saint theresa
“Saint” Teresa of Calcutta: A Fanatical Stooge of the Ruling Class

Marxists don’t believe in heaven—but if heaven did exist, we can be sure Mother Teresa wouldn’t be allowed in.

What is Happening in Taiwan?

Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou is meeting Xi Jinping, the President of China, in Singapore on Saturday. Although Taiwan and China have very close economic ties, with Taiwanese capitalists investing massively in mainland China, and many […]

Pakistan Marxists
Pakistan: Irreconcilable Struggle Until Socialist Revolution

This article describes the effects of decades of rule by an inept and corrupt ruling class in Pakistan, and highlights the immense work done by our Pakistani comrades in building the IMT under such difficult conditions.

Political Islam in Pakistan

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the capitalist counterrevolution in China, an immense political and ideological vacuum opened up on a world scale. In these conditions there was a resurgence of political Islam […]

India and Pakistan: Trapped in the Duplicitous History of the Two Ruling Classes

Ever since the reactionary and bloody partition of the South Asian subcontinent in 1947, any major incident on either side of the Radcliff line will lead to finger-pointing across the other side of the border.