Catalan Independence
IMT Statement on the Catalan Independence Referendum

The IMT supports the Catalan people’s right to self-determination. For a Catalan Socialist Republic as a spark for the Iberian revolution!

gig economy companies
Britain: Uber Drivers’ Victory Strikes Blow Against Gig Economy

Technology at society’s fingertips has become yet another tool for the exploitation of the working class.

France: Backlash Against Burkini Ban Forces Court Suspension

Fifteen holiday resorts in France, predominantly in the southeast of the country, have recently attempted to ban full-body swimsuits, known as burkinis, provoking uproar in response.

protest-cgt-lille credit-remi-ange-couzinet
French Labor Law: The Decisive Battle has Begun!

The fight against the labor law has entered a new, decisive phase.

42 Years Since the Portuguese Revolution

Today marks the 42nd anniversary of the Portuguese Revolution. On this occasion we recommend the following analysis, written by Alan Woods in 1974.

Iran, Ireland, and the US—The Lessons of Three Elections

In the last few days we have witnessed at least three elections, all of which bear witness to highly significant processes that are now moving with great speed. When the same—or very similar—processes repeat themselves […]

Reject National Unity, Unmask the Imperialists, Defend our Democratic Freedoms

The attacks in Paris have aroused the revulsion and anger of millions of French workers and youth.

The Paris Massacre: Dynamite in the Foundations

Last Friday, Paris was the scene of mass slaughter in which at least one hundred and twenty-nine people, mostly young kids enjoying themselves in cafes and a rock concert, were shot down in cold blood.

Greece: SYRIZA Wins Elections, But This is No Mandate For Austerity

SYRIZA won the elections Sunday, which Tsipras claims gives him a mandate to continue on the road he had already embarked on this summer, i.e., to apply the conditions dictated by the Troika. He, however, […]

Statement of the Communist Tendency Upon Leaving SYRIZA

The Communist Tendency participates in Popular Unity and invites all its friends and supporters to do the same. Read the report.

Migrant headline
Lest We Forget—When It Was Europeans Who Were the Migrants

“The immigrants get all the jobs and houses, while the Italians—or British, or French—get nothing! The government should think of Italians first—or British, or French first!” How many times do we hear this kind of […]

Refugees welcome footballfans
Refugees Welcome: Make the Bosses Pay!

The refugee crisis has brought the horrors of capitalist society, as well as the contrast between the basic human solidarity of ordinary working people and the cold calculation of capitalist rulers.

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