[Audio] The Iranian Revolution of 1979: A Revolution Betrayed

In this episode of Socialist Revolution podcast, we aim to provide an objective portrayal of what actually happened in the Iranian Revolution of 1979, which is quite different from the stereotypes shown in the movies […]

Iran: Death to the Oppressors, Be They Shah or Supreme leader

Throughout Iran, groups of youths are campaigning for a general strike and calling for the formation of resistance councils. In this struggle, the only genuine ally of the Iranian masses is the international working class.

Iran: Repression Provokes Backlash and Calls for a Revolutionary General Strike

Efforts to suppress the protest movement in Iran have only further agitated the masses. Most importantly, a series of strikes have started in the oil and petrochemical sector.

National Revolutionary Uprising of Iranian Youth

The protests in Iran sparked by the murder of Mahsa Amini have turned into a national uprising, incomparable to any previous movement in the history of the Islamic Republic.

Iran: Khuzestan Protests Reveal Rage Towards Rotten Regime

Protests are increasing in Iran’s Khuzestan province after the Metropol Towers in the city of Abadan collapsed, killing and wounding up to 100 people.

Palestinian Journalist Murdered by Israel: This Is a War Crime!

The cold-blooded murder of Palestinian reporter Shireen Abu Akleh further exposes the brutality of the Israeli state, and lays bare the repulsive hypocrisy of its imperialist allies.

Turkey: The Erdoğan Regime Is Living on Borrowed Time

The economic crisis gripping Turkey has pushed the ruling class into a political crisis. These events are a harbinger of revolution.

Pakistan: New Government Comes to Power but Crisis Continues

Imran Khan has been ousted. The government has changed but the political crisis continues, reflecting a deep economic and social crisis.

CIA Used Prisoner as “Prop” to Teach Torture Methods

It has been revealed that the CIA spent three years using a detainee in Afghanistan as a “puppet” to train interrogators in torture methods.

Egypt: How Can We End Violence Against Women?

Those who want to rid Egypt of violence against women must turn towards the working class and raise the call: time’s up for Sisi!

Iranian protest
Iranian Teachers Threaten an Indefinite Strike: Explosive Anger Building Up

On January 30 and 31, tens of thousands of teachers went on strike across Iran in over 300 cities, led by the Teachers’ Coordinating Committee.

Sudan Flag
The Sudanese Revolution Is in Danger

The Sudanese Revolution is at a critical crossroads. The liberals and so-called international community have shown they offer no solutions.