Worldwide Upheaval: Help Build for Socialist Revolution!

Around the world, the pandemic and the accompanying economic slump expose capitalism’s sickness and confirm its inability to deal with these systemic catastrophes.

Hacker Threatens Leading Member of Esquerda Marxista (Brazil IMT)

The Brazilian section of the IMT has faced an online attack from an anonymous individual in an attempt to silence our revolutionary ideas. We send our full support and solidarity.

George Floyd protest by the White House (5/30/20)
A World on the Brink: Revolution Looming

This document was passed by the leading body of the International Marxist Tendency following a discussion on September 12–13, 2020. It updates our perspectives on the explosive world situation.

Workers' Control in Venezuela
Workers’ Control and Nationalization

What would workers’ control of industry look like, and why is nationalization and democratic central planning of the key levers of the economy so important?

End U.S. Imperialism
US Imperialism’s Violence Grows in Africa

The following article, originally written in February 2020, investigates the slow-burning clash of world and regional imperialist powers in Africa.

Belarus 2020 Protests
Statement on Belarus Movement: Why Do the Masses No Longer Believe in Lukashenko’s Regime?

A statement about the situation unfolding in Belarus. For a general political strike! Down with Lukashenko! For socialism and genuine democracy!

Israel: Overthrow Netanyahu and the Whole Capitalist System!

A supporter of the IMT in Israel provides a report on the ongoing anti-Netanyahu protests, which have been fueled by the pandemic and the economic crisis.

Lebanon Explosion: My Government Did This
Lebanon’s Revolution: an Explosion of Class Anger

Last week’s explosion in Beirut has sparked an uprising, as the Lebanese masses take once again to the streets. We say: Workers of Lebanon, overthrow the whole rotten system!

Beirut, Lebanon explosions 2020
Lebanon: Beirut Explosion Rocks Corrupt Regime

A massive explosion caused untold destruction and bloodshed in the Lebanese capital yesterday. This tragedy was a disaster waiting to happen, and will provoke the anger of the masses against the corrupt clique at the […]

Juan Carlos Ex-King of Spain at the Kremlin
Flight of Former King Juan Carlos: Spanish Monarchy Hangs by a Thread

Motivated by an avalanche of revelations on his involvement in corruption scandals over several decades, former King Juan Carlos left Spain for a sumptuous retirement in the Dominican Republic.

Amin Released PYA Lal Salaam
Pakistan: Victory for IMT as Comrade Amin Released!

Amin arrived at his home following 18 days in confinement, after being abducted by the Rangers on July 14. His release was only possible thanks to the international solidarity campaign.

Release Amin
Pakistan: Release Comrade Amin, Abducted by Rangers in Karachi

Comrade Amin of the Progressive Youth Alliance in Karachi was abducted from his home by the Rangers (a paramilitary force in Pakistan) on July 14. To this day no one knows his whereabouts.

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