Iran & WMD

Led by the U.S., the UN Security Council is discussing the prospect of economic sanctions to punish Iran for its insistence on continuing to develop its nuclear program. Faced with the threat of sanctions and […]

Europe and America

Originally published in the book Marxism and the USA, published by and available from Wellred. Anti-Americanism is not confined to poor countries. Some Europeans have somewhat negative attitudes to America. They resent the subordinate role […]

Miguel Campos of FRETECO Speaks About Workers' Control

FRETECO activist Miguel Campos of Venezuela recently delivered a speech to the Labor Action Congress in St. Louis, MO on the issue of workers control in Venezuela. Here we reproduce his speech in an audio […]

Hands Off Venezuela Blog

The international Hands Off Venezuela Delegations are observing the presidential elections today

Providence, RI Picket in Solidarity with Mexican Revolution

On November 20th, a small group of workers and students gathered in downtown Providence to show their solidarity with the people of Oaxaca and the revolutionary movement developing throughout Mexico.

Minnesotans Protest Repression in Oaxaca

On the morning of Wednesday, November 8, some 50 Twin Cities residents rallied outside the Mexican Consulate in St. Paul, MN.

Statement of the International Marxist Tendency on Venezuela

The December presidential elections are an important turning point in the development of the Venezuelan Revolution. They reflect the struggle between the Venezuelan workers and peasants and the oligarchy and imperialism.

Ulises, the rat
Mexico: Oaxaca – the Spearhead of the Mexican Revolution

Weeks after the Mexican elections the mass movement against electoral fraud is giving no sign of receding. On the contrary, it is spreading and becoming stronger with each passing day. The situation in Oaxaca is […]

Defend the Fundacion Federico Engels

The Fundacion Federico Engels is the sole source of Marxist literature in Spain. The decision to exclude it from this year’s Madrid Book Fair is an act of blatant political censorship. Alan Woods is making […]

Is NATO Using Depleted Uranium in Yugoslavia?

The use of high-tech weapons by the NATO alliance may have some serious, lasting environmental and health effects on the people of the Balkans.

Rape cases highlight terrible plight of women in Pakistan

Sadaf Zahra looks at the terrible situation in Pakistan where rapes and killings are done in the name of family honour, and are rarely investigated by the police. In areas where tribal customs still prevail, […]

The role of women in the trade unions and the struggle of the PTUDC

This is a report from Pakistan on the conditions of women workers and the activities and programme of the Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign on this question.