Britain: The Prince and the Pedophile—it's Time to Overthrow this Rotten Establishment

The scandal enveloping Prince Andrew—following allegations in a US law court that he may have been gifted an underage girl for sex by his pedophile friend, Jeffrey Epstein—has shone an unwelcome spotlight on the festering […]

France: No to Unity of Exploiters and Exploited—Defend Interests of Working Class

Over the weekend several million people took part in demonstrations in Paris and many provincial cities of France. The government and the whole official establishment had called for the demonstrations and announced their participation. On […]

The War on Terror and the Terror of War

Editorial for Socialist Appeal 86. Marxists have long explained that imperialism and Islamic fundamentalism are two aspects of the same reactionary phenomenon—the decay and decline of capitalism—which threatens to take the whole of humanity down […]

Reflections on the Events in France

As I write these lines, the drama in France has just been brought to a bloody climax, ending in the death of the two men who killed the staff of Charlie Hebdo. This denouement was […]

Attack Against Charlie Hebdo—No to "National Unity"! Fight Against Racism and Capitalism!

The terrorist attack against the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo has caused a huge wave of anger and indignation throughout the country. In the evening after the attack over a hundred thousand people took to […]

Mexico: New Evidence Proves the State is Responsible for the Disappeared Students

Three months after the police attack on teacher training students in Guerrero, Mexico, which left 6 people dead and 43 disappeared, more details are emerging which cast even more doubts on the official version of […]

2015—The Storm Clouds Are Gathering

As they danced away the old year and welcomed the new, with, as usual, copious quantities of the finest champagne, the bourgeois from New York to London must have felt a satisfying glow of confidence. […]

Cuban Revolution: Fidel Castro Huye Batista
Cuba 50 Years Later—Where Is the Revolution Going?

The Cuban Revolution, on the basis of its nationalized planned economy and the Cuban people’s willingness to defend it, has endured for decades despite being so closely situated to the most powerful imperialist power on Earth. […]

Massive General Strike in Belgium: Nothing Moved By Air, By Road, or By Water

“This is the strongest strike ever,” commented General Secretary Marie Hélène Ska of the Christian union CSC. She is right. The national work stoppage on Monday, December 15 was without doubt the most “general” of […]

Canada: 100,000 Workers in the Streets of Montreal—A Glimpse of What is to Come

With each passing day, the stage is being set for a big showdown between workers and Quebec’s Liberal government. Since the government announced that they would attack municipal workers’ pensions (which effectively means a wage […]

Mexico: "We Are Determined to Change This Country"

The violent abduction and disappearance of 43 students in the state of Guerrero in September has plunged Mexico into a deep social and political crisis. The case of the Ayotzinapa students has brought the masses […]

Mexico: Anger Over Disappeared Ayotzinapa Students Refuses to Go Away

It is now seven weeks since the police attacked students from the Ayotzinapa teacher training college and then kidnapped 43 of the survivors and handed them over to a drug cartel. The brutal incident in […]