Unison NEC Left Victory 2021 Britain
Britain: Unison Left Victory—Time to Transform the Union into a Fighting Weapon

The victory of left-wing candidates in the Unison elections could set in motion the transformation of Britain’s largest union, and of the entire British labor movement.

Iran: Farmer Protests and Water Crisis—Workers and Farmers, Unite!

Recently, 1,400 farmers protested the lack of access to water in Isfahan. The regime answered by sending riot police, leading to clash. This incident is not isolated; there is widespread discord among farmers across Iran.

Iran: For an Independent Labor Movement!

In Iran, protests and strikes are now spreading across every sector of the economy, with 100 strikes and protests over the past few months. There now exists an enormous potential to unify the movement, after […]

After Netanyahu’s War: a United Palestinian Movement Emerges

After eleven days of the ruthless bombardment of Gaza—which has killed more than 240 Palestinians (almost half of whom were children and women) and left thousands severely injured—Israel has finally agreed to a ceasefire. The […]

Durban Dockworkers in South Africa respond to Palestine
Dockworkers in South Africa Protest Offloading of Israeli ship: “An Injury to One is the Concern of All”

Dockworkers in South Africa have refused to handle cargo from an Israeli ship, in protest against Israel’s bombardment of the besieged Gaza strip.

Help Wanted
The “Labor Shortage”: Workers Must Go on the Offensive!

Labor’s future lies not with the practices of the recent past, but with the resurrection of the methods that built our movement in the first place.

The Montreal Dockers’ Strike Comes to an End: Who Will Dare to Defy Back-To-Work Legislation?

The Canadian government passed back-to-work legislation to crush the strike of longshore workers in Montreal, Quebec. How can workers fight anti-labor laws?

Marxists Mobilize for May Day!

Supporters of the International Marxist Tendency are mobilizing all over the world for May Day, raising the banner of revolution and international socialism, as the only solution to capitalist barbarism and the horrors of the […]

Trader Joes Storefront
From “Hero Pay” to Pay Cuts for Essential Workers at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has announced it will cut employee wages by $2 per hour on May 1. The workers must fight to unionize all stores nationwide, organizing with class-struggle tactics to take back what’s ours!

[Leaflet] Happy May Day: Class Struggle Is the Way Forward!

We publish a leaflet distributed by supporters of Socialist Revolution at May Day rallies across the country. Download now and help us spread the word!

Philadelphia Protest at Amazon's union-busting law firm Morgan & Lewis in solidarity with Alabama Amazon Workers on this national day of action!
Lessons from Bessemer: Only Class-Struggle Unionism Can Defeat Amazon!

Given the profile of Bessemer’s union campaign, the defeat comes as a disappointment for many—but we have no reason to be pessimistic. The lessons from this struggle show the way forward.

American Airline Workers under Attack: Class-Struggle Trade Unionism Needed!

A Phoenix-based flight attendant and member of the APFA union highlights the many ways in which profits have been prioritized over the safety of airline staff since the onset of the pandemic.