More Reality Strikes Hollywood!

The Writers Guild of America strike continues in the US, winning an important victory with the cancellation of the Golden Globe awards show through union solidarity. The strike shows that it is not only industrial […]

New York City Workers Need to Mobilize Against Bloomberg's Attacks

Recently, the New York City Housing Authority has been threatening to fire workers due to cuts in its funding from the Federal government.  As a first step, 21 managers were laid off.  Now, with the […]

Rank and File Resistance Haunts Auto Barons and UAW Bureaucrats

The new contract at Chrysler was met with massive defiance and resistance by thousands of UAW members. Both the corporate barons of Cerberus and UAW officials at Solidarity House were haunted by the courage and […]

Reality strikes Hollywood!

Production at the American dream factory has slowed down as workers organised in the Writers Guild of America just completed their third week on strike. 4,000 marched in support of the strike down the famous […]

The Oregon AFL-CIO Makes Ready for "Aggressive Labor 2008"

The 50th convention of the Oregon AFL-CIO gathered October 8-10 in Seaside, Oregon to set the agenda for 2008-09. Every two years, delegates from state locals gather to discuss issues that face working people. Speakers […]

The UAW Under Attack: Organize & Fight Back

On September 26th, after the first national strike by U.S. auto workers in 37 years, General Motors along with United Auto Workers union President Ron Gettlefinger, announced agreement on a “landmark” contract proposal. A similar […]

No to VEBA! Defend UAW Health Care!

As contract talks between the UAW and Chrysler/Cerberus continue in Detroit, the Big Three Auto bosses are preparing the ground for renewed attacks on the health care front. Citing “legacy costs” and declining profitability, they […]

UPS strike 1997
Lessons of the 1997 Teamster Strike at UPS (Part 2)

In 1997, Ron Carey led the Teamsters union to a smashing victory against UPS. This second article focuses on the strike itself, bringing to light the rich lessons that can be learned for today’s struggles.

Amtrak Workers: Seven Years Without a Contract

What a mess.  After seven years without a contract, a tentative agreement was finally reached between Amtrak and the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen (BLET- a Teamster affiliate).  While the ink was still drying, […]

Providence Fire Fighters
Providence Fire Fighters Still Without a Current Contract

The Providence firefighters (Local 799) haven’t had a current contract since June 30, 2001. They have subsequently, through arbitration, settled for the period between 2001 to 2004, but they remain without an up-to-date contract. The […]

Teamster Strike UPS 1997
Lessons of the 1997 Teamster Strike at UPS –(Part 1)

In 1997, Ron Carey led the Teamsters union to a smashing victory against UPS by waging a militant strike. This first article will provide a background of events leading up to the 1997 struggle.

Labor Activists Gather in St. Louis for the Premiere of Michael Moore's Sicko

Roughly 150 activists and members of organized labor gathered outside of the Chase Park Plaza Cinema on Friday, June 29th, to declare that the time has come for, in the words of Carol Stevenson from […]

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