Immigrant Rights March
For a Working Class Program in the Struggle for Immigrant Rights

As we enter 2008, millions of undocumented workers are thinking about the economic crisis, immigration raids, presidential elections and Spring mobilizations. Two years after the massive marches and the national boycott and strike of May […]

Rank & File Autoworkers Meet

In late January, more than 80 U.S. and Canadian auto workers met in Flint, MI to discuss the impact of the worst contract ever shoved down the throats of the membership. As a result, UAW […]

Cincinnati Machine
Who Rules Cincinnati?

The old home of the U.S. machine tool industry, producing about 13 percent of national machine tool output and employing about 15,000 workers, Cincinnati today is blighted by “deindustrialization” and has evolved into a services […]

Gains for Pittsburgh Teachers

The teachers and other professionals at Pittsburgh Public Schools, who we reported on in issue 36 of Socialist Appeal, have attained a number of concrete gains in a new three-year contract with the school district. […]

Union Workers
Union Organizing on the Rise

The U.S. Department of Labor recently reported that 311,000 more workers joined unions in 2007.  While in 2006, 12 percent of wage and salary workers belonged to unions, 12.1 percent are in unions as of […]

Why Workers Need a Labor Party

A new leaflet from the WIL. In this election year, working people will once again be asked to choose between two representatives of the bosses. But just as workers have learned that if we band […]

Night Construction Work
Working the “Graveyard Shift”

As if graveyard and shift workers needed a new reason to despise their jobs, which place their schedules in opposition to the waking world, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the World […]

Support Pittsburgh Teachers!

Teachers in Pittsburgh are under attack. The city’s public school district has so far refused to meet their demands in round after round of contract negotiations. Since June 30 teachers in the Pittsburgh Public School […]

Amtrak Workers: a Looming Strike, Railway Workers Unite!

Organized labor in the U.S. is fast approaching a crossroads. The enormous successes of the past are under attack, putting the unions in a defensive position. Battling not only the companies but their own bureaucracy, […]

Ford Logo
Ford: Global Company, Global Struggle

While Ford workers in North America prepare to weather a new round of plant closings and layoffs, their bosses in Detroit have unveiled plans for new plants in China, a country with the world’s fastest […]

Construction Workers
Why Workers Need a Labor Party

It is frustrating that the American working class has no party that represents their interests.  The vast majority of the 300 million people in this country are workers and their families.  They are people who […]

More Reality Strikes Hollywood!

The Writers Guild of America strike continues in the US, winning an important victory with the cancellation of the Golden Globe awards show through union solidarity. The strike shows that it is not only industrial […]