Anti-worker Hoffa
Contract Negotiations at UPS

According to a survey conducted by the Teamsters in early April 2006, the rank and file membership, by a three-to-one margin, wanted the Teamsters to start early negotiations with UPS. This will come as no […]

May Day and the American Working Class

In 2006, millions of immigrant workers took to the streets of the US and put the focus back on the working class origins of May Day. Hundreds of ad-hoc committees were organized in factories, schools, […]

New Flyer on the Struggle at Daimler-Chrysler

Based on the article DaimlerChrysler “Family” puts 13,000 of its “Children” up for Adoption by David May and Tim Kaminski.

Teamsters Logo
What Next for the Teamsters?

In the recent election for union leadership, members of the Teamsters union were confronted with a choice.  On the one side stood Jimmy Hoffa Jr., the incumbent president, who campaigned on the basis of forming […]

Damiler Chrysler Plant in Detroit
No Handouts to Bosses – Nationalize Chrysler! (Historical Reprint)

Originally published in 1975, this article was an answer to Chrysler's plans to sack thousands of workers in Britain. It clearly posed the demand for nationalization under workers' control and management. The fact that over […]

DaimlerChrysler “Family” puts 13,000 of its “Children” up for Adoption

On February 14th, the DaimlerChrysler AG Corporation announced sweeping plant closings and job cuts for its U.S. operations which will go into effect in 2008 and 2009. The company announced the closing of the Newark, […]

To Support Labor is to Abolish Taft-Hartley

Following the Great Depression and the mighty rise of industrial unions in the U.S., the capitalist class made some concessions to the labor movement because they were worried an all-out revolutionary situation could erupt. These […]

A Minimum Wage Versus a Living Wage

A decade since the last increase, and after several Democrats used the issue to win votes while campaigning during the mid-term elections, the House of Representatives voted to raise the Federal minimum wage on January […]

Minneapolis Teamsters Strike
How to Win Strikes (By Harry DeBoer) 2006 Introduction

In the early 1930s Harry DeBoer began working in the coal yards in Minneapolis and became part of the initial organizing committee that led the famous Teamsters' truckers strike in 1934. DeBoer is credited with […]

tim k speaking
National Rank and File Meeting in St. Louis, MO

Workers in struggle from across the Midwest gathered in St. Louis, MO on weekend of November 4th and 5th to compare stories and discuss the way out of the dead-end road of the “labor-management partnership” […]

Detroit Teacher Strike 2006: Capitalism Condemns Children

Michigan’s Draconian labor laws make it illegal for public employees to strike. Teachers can be fined a day’s wages and their union fined $5,000 for each day they don’t work. This is the way the […]

Teamsters at the Crossroads

With its 1.4 million members, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters could well be America’s strongest union. This fall, Teamster members will be able to vote for either Jimmy Hoffa Jr., current president of the Teamsters, […]