Teachers Fight Back Against Austerity

From West Virginia to Oklahoma and Arizona, teachers are on the move!

The Menace of Janus and How to Fight Back

Rather than viewing this threat as a mere legal battle, labor should take it as a sign that it’s high time to bring back class struggle methods.

The Turning of the Tide

Editorial for Socialist Revolution Issue 6: Capitalism beware! The West Virginia teachers and high school students nationwide are leading the charge as the mass movement roars back to life.

A Brief History of Tipping and the Struggle for a Living Wage

The capitalists in the service sector have relied on the tipping system to keep wages abysmally low. But sooner or later the growing discontent will find an outlet.

West Virginia Teachers Make Labor History!

Teachers have come out on strike in all 55 counties of West Virginia to give the country an instruction in the ABCs of class struggle.

Tech Workers of the World, Unite!

The problem of tech capital’s increasing dominance over our lives can only be solved through the overthrow of the capitalist system by the organized working class.

Teamster Strike UPS 1997
The Fight for Socialism and the Lessons of the Labor Party

Socialists must start today to lay the foundations and framework for a future mass working-class socialist party.

Workers Suffer As Charter Spectrum Expands its Empire

Capitalist monopolies always spell disaster for workers’ interests—telecommunications is no different. Notching recent wins against the free flow of information, these predatory companies are out to consolidate power.

Amazon’s Menace to the Working Class

Having dominated the concentration of production in Seattle—occupying a fifth of the city’s total office space—the world’s largest internet retailer seeks another city to colonize.

Lessons from the 1946 Oakland General Strike

Successful strikes require preparation and leadership with a clear, class-independent vision. Our aim is not to let off steam but to challenge the bosses’ right to rule.

Prison Strikes and the Third American Revolution

The prison-industrial complex is big business: the US now incarcerates more than 2.2 million people—the largest prison population in the world.

1934 Teamsters Strike
How Can Labor Win Again?

With the relatively high living standards of the postwar boom now long gone, the burning question of the US labor movement is — how can we fight back, and win?

Socialist Revolution Cover Digital Bulletin May 2020


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