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Britain: Uber Drivers’ Victory Strikes Blow Against Gig Economy

Technology at society’s fingertips has become yet another tool for the exploitation of the working class.

Chicago Teachers Union Strikes Back

Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has been in a militant struggle with the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois for several years. Starting with “No Child Left Behind”, relentless attacks on students and teachers […]

Massive Public Sector Strike Rocks Quebec

On Wednesday December 9th, over 400,000 public sector workers organized in the Common Front staged a massive 24-hour strike. Jacques Letourneau, the president of the CSN called this the biggest public sector strike since the […]

California Faculty Association’s “Fight for Five”

The California Faculty Association has begun the “Fight for Five” campaign after seeing faculty wages stagnate for ten years and real wages fall by up to 25% between 2004 and 2013.

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Workers Take to the Streets as Mass Strike Movement Begins in Quebec

This past week in Quebec has seen a large demonstration of force by the working class in the province.

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Adjunct Professors Fight for Union

In January of this year, adjunct professors at Washington University in St. Louis voted 138 to 111 in favor of forming a union.

More Work, Fewer Workers

I’m a Marxist and shop steward in SEIU 1199, working in a nursing home as an occupational therapist in New York City. The CEO has been laying off workers due to supposed “budgetary constraints.”

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The Battle for Wisconsin: Round Two

Governor Scott Walker has begun the second round of aggressive attacks on Wisconsin’s workers. This is part of a broader effort by the capitalist class to increase their profits.

Largest Oil Workers’ Strike Since 1980 Enters Fourth Week

The strike now involves 6,550 workers, at plants accounting for 20% of the country’s refining capacity. This is the largest walkout since 1980, and there is the possibility of it spreading to more workplaces.

wisconsin madison fist walker protest
Wisconsin “Right to Work” and the Budget Cuts: More for the Rich and Less for the Poor!

The bosses’ politicians like Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, and their cronies are imposing in the most undemocratic way a new wave of attacks on Wisconsin’s working families.

France: No to Unity of Exploiters and Exploited—Defend Interests of Working Class

Over the weekend several million people took part in demonstrations in Paris and many provincial cities of France. The government and the whole official establishment had called for the demonstrations and announced their participation. On […]

Philadelphia Teachers Under Attack—Labor Must Mobilize!

The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT)—representing more than 12,000 teachers and educational professionals across the Philadelphia School District—faces a major assault. At a virtually unannounced meeting on October 6, the School Reform Commission (SRC) unanimously […]

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