A Sanders Delegate’s Account of the Nevada Democratic Convention

We received the following letter from a participant in the May 14, 2016 Nevada Democratic Party state convention. As the writer explains, supporters of Bernie Sanders received a harsh lesson in the “School of the […]

In Search of a Revolutionary Party: Why I Joined

I became a Marxist in my sophomore year of high school.

Interview with Borotba Activist: “Our Struggle is for a Socialist Ukraine as Part of the Struggle for a Socialist World”

Dimitry Kolesnik is the editor of the Ukrainian left wing website Liva and a leading activist in the Marxist organization Borotba. He attended the World Congress of the International Marxist Tendency in August 2014 in […]

Interview with a Pittsburgh Casino Worker

The Rivers Casino is the only business of its kind in the city of Pittsburgh. It is also one of the only nonunionized casinos in the state, a fact the workers there intend to change. Socialist […]

Why I Joined the WIL—A Reflection on the Case for Socialism

I joined the Worker’s International League in the fight for socialism because another world is possible and necessary if humanity is to survive growing existential crises: war, disease, poverty, and global warming, to name just […]

Slave Labor in Retreat on Florida’s Corporate Farms

The farm workers’ struggle and the struggle of fast food and grocery workers to unionize and win higher wages and better conditions must go hand and hand.

Letter: Life in the Fast Food and Service Lane

This situation—in which the people who feed us, clothe us, furnish our homes and so on, are compelled to live with barely any food, inferior clothes, and scant furniture and electronics, while their super-rich jet-setter […]

Causes and Conditions: Why I Joined the WIL

I am currently a graduate student at the School of Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh studying Community Organizing, and it was during orientation that I met a comrade from the Pittsburgh WIL.

Why I Joined the WIL

In this letter, Marcus Mayo explains the evolution of his political views and why he ultimately joined the WIL.

Letter to the Editor by WIL Member Printed in Minneapolis Star Tribune

We republish here a letter to the editor, written by John Peterson of the Workers International League, originally published in the July 16th edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune in response to an article that […]

Photo: Emi Ithen
Remembering a Lincoln Veteran: on the Life of Harry Fisher – An Interview with Ulrich Kolbe

The following interview with Ulrich Kolbe is centered on his friend and comrade, Harry Fisher. Harry was a veteran of the Abraham Lincoln Battalion, an all-volunteer force made up of more than 2,000 American workers […]

will shapira
How I Left the Democratic Party and Found the WIL

In this letter, Will Shapiraof Roseville, MN describes his disillusionment with the Democrats and how he joined the WIL after a process of trying out various leftist groups. “I’m a lifer Minnesotan, born and reared […]

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