Why I Joined the WIL

In this letter, Chris LeMay explains why he joined the WIL.

Rosa Clemente
Socialist Appeal Interviews Rosa Clemente

Socialist Appeal carried out an interview with the Green Party vice presidential candidate, Rosa Clemente.  In this interview, she explains her views on the elections, the Democrats and Republicans, the war in Iraq, immigration, the […]

Letter to the Editor by WIL Member Printed in Minneapolis Star Tribune

We republish here a letter to the editor, written by John Peterson of the Workers International League, originally published in the July 16th edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune in response to an article that […]

Why I Joined the Workers International League

In this article, Marlon Pierre-Antoine explains why he joined the Workers International League.

will shapira
How I Left the Democratic Party and Found the WIL

In this letter, Will Shapiraof Roseville, MN describes his disillusionment with the Democrats and how he joined the WIL after a process of trying out various leftist groups. “I’m a lifer Minnesotan, born and reared […]

Rosa Clemente Addresses the March on the RNC
Rosa Clemente Interview with Socialist Appeal

Socialist Appeal recently interviewed Rosa Clemente, Vice Presidential candidate for the Power to the People Campaign and the Green Party. In it, she talks about the trade unions, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, immigration, […]

Jimmy Johns
Notes from a Jimmy John’s Worker (Part 3)

Despite the commonplace misperception that fast-food workers are lazy, resentful teens who need to learn how to work, the opposite is true. At Jimmy Johns the workers’ mood is very often serious, hopeful, and dedicated. […]

Jimmy Johns
Notes from a Jimmy John’s Worker (Part 2)

This article is a continuation of part 1, which analyzes working conditions at Jimmy John’s.

Jimmy Johns
Notes from a Jimmy John’s Worker (Part 1)

This article analyzes the working conditions at Jimmy John’s.

Letter: “Corporate America had better watch out!”

In this letter, C.S. makes note of experience as a departmental director at an east coast service company.  The workers in the company showed more signs of militancy and solidarity after their benefits were cut […]

Letters: Article Spurs Energetic Debate

In this letter, Joshua Purcell notes how the article, Capitalism Versus Science, has sparked an energetic debate involving his family and friends.

Chavez Demo
Letter: Revolutionary Masses in the Americas

In this letter, Kevin Nance analyzes the development of class consciousness across the Americas, including the United States.  The author of the letter goes on to show the problems of leadership and the need for […]

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