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Remembering a Lincoln Veteran: on the Life of Harry Fisher – An Interview with Ulrich Kolbe

The following interview with Ulrich Kolbe is centered on his friend and comrade, Harry Fisher. Harry was a veteran of the Abraham Lincoln Battalion, an all-volunteer force made up of more than 2,000 American workers […]

Alan Woods
Argenpress interviews Alan Woods on Latin America

Alan Woods in an interview with Argenpress, referring to the situation in Venezuela, explains that those who argue that we must wait for a better moment are wrong. Time is not on our side but […]

Miguel Campos of FFRETECO
Socialist Appeal Interviews FRETECO Activist Miguel Campos

The Workers International League interviewed Miguel Campos, an activist with FRETECO in Venezuela while he was in St. Louis, MO for the National Rank and File Conference held there the weekend of November 4th and […]

Catch 22
Interview with Ryan Eldred of Catch22

Catch22, a punk/ska band of considerable popularity in the United States has just released a concept album on the life of Leon Trotsky entitled Permanent Revolution.  For many youth, listening to this album will be […]

Interview with Lal Khan from Pakistan

John Peterson interviews Pakistani activist and author Lal Khan for New Youth Magazine, the forerunner to Socialist Appeal.

Interview with Tim Kaminski

David May interviews Tim Kaminski, committeeman for UAW Local 110 representing the south plant in Fenton, MO, on the current situation in the auto industry, the Soldiers of Solidarity, work-to-rule, and the international situation.

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