Letter: Unsafe Conditions in White Collar Workplaces

Often times when I worked at FedEx, with its rampant disregard for worker safety, I pondered how nice and healthy it would be to work in an office environment, not having to worry about things […]

Letter From a Vietnam Veteran

We received this letter from a veteran in Pittsburgh who read our report on the anti-war demonstration of March 24th.

An Interview with Iraq War Veteran Darrell Anderson

An interview with Darrell Anderson, an Iraq War veteran, on his experiences in the Iraq War. He discusses the "insurgency," the attitudes of average Iraqis toward the US military, and the attitude of average US […]

If Honda Ruled The World (Letter to the Editor)

In this letter to the editor, Todd Jordan of UAW Local 292 in Kokomo, IN discusses the new Honda plant about to open in the area and what the effect will be for the working […]

Miguel Campos of FFRETECO
Socialist Appeal Interviews FRETECO Activist Miguel Campos

The Workers International League interviewed Miguel Campos, an activist with FRETECO in Venezuela while he was in St. Louis, MO for the National Rank and File Conference held there the weekend of November 4th and […]

Socialists and “Green” politics – Letter and Reply

Earlier this year we received a letter from a reader of the British Socialist Appeal who says the magazine put too much importance on one factor that contributes to climate change, human-induced emissions of “greenhouse” […]

Catch 22
Interview with Ryan Eldred of Catch22

Catch22, a punk/ska band of considerable popularity in the United States has just released a concept album on the life of Leon Trotsky entitled Permanent Revolution.  For many youth, listening to this album will be […]

Interview with Tim Kaminski

David May interviews Tim Kaminski, committeeman for UAW Local 110 representing the south plant in Fenton, MO, on the current situation in the auto industry, the Soldiers of Solidarity, work-to-rule, and the international situation.

"Why I Am Joining the WIL"

Long time trade unionist and revolutionary Roland Sheppard explains why he is joining the Workers International League and the International Marxist Tendency.

Draft Resolution to the YCL: Withdraw support to the Democratic Party

This resolution was put forth by YCL member Michael Feldman at their recent conference in Chicago.  While it did not get passed, there was support from the rank and file comrades. The WIL and YFIS […]

An Open Letter to the YCL

An open letter to our comrades in the Young Communist League. Comradely greetings from the WIL!

Greetings to the Comrades of the WIL!

A message from Ted Grant to the launch issue of Socialist Appeal