Workers International League Congress 2006
Workers International League Congress 2006

On the weekend of May 13-14, some 30 members and supporters of the Workers International League gatehered in St. Louis, Missouri for the 2006 National Congress. Guests included former members of Workers Action (who have […]

Interview with Tim Kaminski

David May interviews Tim Kaminski, committeeman for UAW Local 110 representing the south plant in Fenton, MO, on the current situation in the auto industry, the Soldiers of Solidarity, work-to-rule, and the international situation.

Protest at Republican Candidate's Fundraiser Featuring Laura Bush

On May 19th, protesters gathered outside a $500 a plate fundraiser dinner being held at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Providence, RI. The fundraiser was for Lincoln Chafee, the incumbent Senator, who was the only […]

USA: the Statistics That Shock

Capitalism cannot provide a decent living to everyone, but as long as it guarantees significant layers of the population a reasonable standard of living it can maintain a degree of social stability. Recent figures on […]

More Unions Adopt Resolutions Supporting Immigrant Rights

More trade union resolutions supporting immigrant rights.  Use these as a model for local resolutions.

Resolution Supporting Immigrant Rights Passed by ILWU #10

Resolution Passed by ILWU Local 10 in San Francisco. Take this to your union local and use as a model for similar resolutions.  An injury to one is an injury to all!

New Video from the Workers International League

This new video, created by members of the WIL in Detroit,vividly documents the militancy of the Soldiers of Solidarity and their struggle at Delphi. Learn more about the SoS here, where you can also send […]

Massive movement of immigrants against Bush policies

The move to the left that we workers are experiencing will be sooner or later reflected in the United States. The revolutions and insurrections we are seeing in Latin America, particularly in Venezuela and Bolivia, […]

A Gust of Fresh Wind from the South

There’s no doubt about it: the simmering discontent accumulating beneath the surface of American society is starting to bubble to the surface. As millions of immigrant workers, their families, and supporters participated in the historic […]

The Soldiers of Solidarity & Lessons from Venezuela

As the important struggle of the rank and file "Soldiers of Solidarity" at Delphi continues, we can learn much from the experiences of working people across Latin America, a continent in the throes of a […]

"Why I Am Joining the WIL"

Long time trade unionist and revolutionary Roland Sheppard explains why he is joining the Workers International League and the International Marxist Tendency.

Defend the Fundacion Federico Engels

The Fundacion Federico Engels is the sole source of Marxist literature in Spain. The decision to exclude it from this year’s Madrid Book Fair is an act of blatant political censorship. Alan Woods is making […]

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