Boeing Aircraft
New Boeing Contract Threatens Machinist Jobs

St. Louis area Machinists recently approved a new three-year contract with Boeing Co. by a narrow margin. The workers’ main concerns were not over salary, or even health care, but the threats posed to seniority […]

Perspectives for the U.S. Revolution 2007 – The U.S. Political Situation

The following is the final part of our 2007 document on Perspectives for the US Revolution.

For a United Anti-War Movement – Statement by the WIL

The Workers International League enthusiastically endorses ANSWER’s May 31 call for a peaceful, legal, united front antiwar demonstration. The basic unifying slogan “End the War Now!” can effectively mobilize the millions of workers and youth […]

ICE Strikes In Oregon—End the Raids, End the Deportations!

On the morning of June 12, at a Del Monte food processing plant in North Portland, Oregon, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) sent in 160 agents in an over-the-top display of force against […]

Perspectives for the U.S. Revolution 2007 – The Immigrant Workers Movement

Last spring, millions of immigrant workers, their families, and allies took to the streets of the U.S. in a spontaneous movement against the draconian anti-immigrant measures being proposed in the form of the Sensenbrenner Bill […]

Chrysler Worker
The Chrysler Buyout and the UAW's Challenge

The UAW will confront Detroit auto makers at the bargaining table in July for a new national contract. At stake will be the jobs of tens of thousands of auto workers, and possibly the future […]

Perspectives for the U.S. Revolution 2007 – The Labor Movement

Compared with most of the world, American workers enjoyed higher standards of living for several decades, due largely to the fierce union struggles of the past.

Senate in Session
Only Pressure on the Streets Can Advance the Struggle of Immigrant Workers

Negotiations in the U.S. Senate on immigration “reform” legislation have stalled.  Is this a victory or a defeat for the working class? Despite the hypocritical tears of some national immigrant rights leaders who lament that […]

Perspectives for the U.S. Revolution 2007 – The U.S. Economy

For several years we’ve analyzed the sluggish course of the world’s most powerful economy.

Perspectives for the U.S. Revolution 2007 – The Iraq War

The war in Iraq is at the heart of the instability in the Middle East – and the U.S. It is now the third-longest-running war in U.S. history: longer than the American Civil War, the […]

Getting Rich Off of the Poor

Poor and working people’s debt has spawned an explosion in get-rich-off-the-poor industries for capitalists across the U.S. For instance, payday lenders, who provide expensive short-term cash loans, have grown from 300 in the early 1990s, […]

Perspectives for the U.S. Revolution 2007 – Introduction & the International Situation

This year’s U.S. Perspectives will bring up to date key aspects of last year’s extensive World and U.S. Perspectives documents.