International Working Women's Day – By V.I. Lenin

“The working woman and the peasant woman are oppressed by capital, but over and above that, even in the most democratic of the bourgeois republics, they remain, firstly, deprived of some rights because the law […]

Power to the People!

The recent blackout on the East coast highlights the inability of the capitalist class to provide even the most basic services in the heart of imperialism.

Hands Off Our Pensions!

In the aftermath of the Enron scandal, Bush Jr. stated that, "One of the things we’re deeply concerned about is that there has been a wave of bankruptcies that have caused many workers to lose […]

2002 – A Year of Betrayal by the Democrats

As we celebrate the holiday season and say goodbye to the year 2002, it is also a time when we look back on the preceding year and make our resolutions for the next. 2002 has […]

US Mid-Term Election 2002: The factors that led to the Republican victory

As the results of the mid-term elections come in – an apparent sweeping victory for President Bush's Republican Party – many questions must be answered.  How and why did this happen?  What will it mean […]

The Struggle on the Docks – Will Bush Intervene?

As the conflict between the bosses (PMA) and the dockers (ILWU) continues, David May looks at the real interests of the US ruling class, and the prospects for a broad revival of the working class […]

The American Working Class and "The War on Terror"

It has been almost a year since the open ended “War on Terror” was launched by the American ruling class, and yet, just as we said then, it has solved none of the problems of […]

Gasoline Prices, Big Business, and the Working Class

The recent rise in gasoline prices around the country is yet another example of why democratic control over the commanding heights of the economy is the only way forward for working people.  This short article […]

9/11 and the Story That Stays Under-Reported

There is a terrorism that is generated by bombs, guns, and passenger planes turned into missiles, but all of these are nothing when compared to the terror of a speculative production system gone berserk.

Poverty and Unemployment in America

The crisis of unemployment and poverty in America continues to worsen. Despite a nominal increase in jobs in recent weeks, what is not reported is what kind of jobs are being created. Manufacturing jobs, the […]

The Health Care Epidemic

There are an astonishing 44 million Americans without healthcare.   Those who do have healthcare have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for it, and even then, they have to worry about co-payments, deductibles, etc. […]

The Truth Behind Bush's Immigration "Reform"

Bush’s new plan for immigration “reform” will benefit only the ruling classes of the US and Latin America, Mexico in particular.  Working people will only see their conditions of life further deteriorate while big business […]