Hearts and Minds: Vietnam and the War in Iraq

There are many parallels between the war in Iraq and the Vietnam War, and many lessons can be learned—above all that public opinion at home is more decisive in the long run than the actual […]

The Iraq War: Opposition and Desperation

Brief reports on the Iraq War from Issue 16 of Socialist Appeal.

War, Occupation, Torture, Apologies

By Shane Jones On June 21, 2005, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin made a public apology […]

Is NATO Using Depleted Uranium in Yugoslavia?

The use of high-tech weapons by the NATO alliance may have some serious, lasting environmental and health effects on the people of the Balkans.

Afghanistan: A Historical Overview

To understand the present war that is taking place in Afghanistan, one must take into consideration the factors that have shaped the history of this tragic land. Doctor Zayar gives an overview of the history […]

What Sort of Unity?

John Peterson explains the mood of the American workers after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, outlines the tasks of Marxists and argues against the reactionary idea of “national unity”.

Patriotism, Fear and Panic – What’s Next?

The events of the morning of September 11th have shaken the entire world. One single terrorist attack has not only shocked masses of people out of their daily lives, it has crippled the world economy.