DFL Candidates
The Candidates on Health Care

The issue of health care is on the minds of millions of American workers. The crisis of the health care industry is well-documented in Michael Moore’s popular new film “SiCKO”. After two terms under Bush, […]

Hillary Clinton
Is Hillary Clinton an Alternative for U.S. Workers?

Pressure to support the "lesser evil" Democrats in the next Presidential elections is already high. One of the center-pieces of the Democratic Party is Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Many have illusions that as a Democrat and […]

G.W. Bush
George Bush Doesn’t Care About Working People

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Kanye West famously remarked: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”  Following recent events in Greensburg, Kansas, we can definitively say that Bush and the rest of the U.S. […]

Is Barack Obama an Alternative for U.S. Workers?

After years of Bush’s open-ended war on working people at home and abroad, many on the “left” are desperate for an alternative. For many, that alternative is Barack Obama, a Democratic Senator from Illinois. Obama, […]

WIL Congress
WIL National Congress 2007

On the weekend of May 12th & 13th, over 30 members and guests gathered in St. Louis, Missouri for the National Congress of the Workers International League. As well as in-depth discussions on the economic, […]

Protesting against school budget cuts
Capitalism and the Attack on Public Education

"During the past several decades, government funding for public education at all levels has declined and in some cases plummeted, leaving students languishing in overcrowded classrooms, housed in dilapidated buildings.  An examination into why this […]

War Drums in Washington: Bush's Last Stand

Instead of listening to the advice of Baker and the Iraq Study Group to seek an exit strategy, Bush prefers to up the stakes, increasing the number of troops in Iraq and threatening both Syria […]

Bankruptcy of the Baby Boomer’s Babies – No Future for the Youth Under Capitalism

Mark Rahman writes about the problems the youth of the United States face under capitalism. An entire generation of workers finds itself with no prospects for the future.

Bring All the Troops Home Now!

A statement by the Workers' International League on the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also available as a flyer you can download and print.

U.S. Elections 2006: A Referendum on Bush

In what was in all but name a referendum on George W. Bush, the Democratic Party has been swept into power in the House of Representatives and Senate.  The majority of state governors’ mansions were […]

Bush Bruised
An Initial Look at the U.S. Mid-Term Elections

This year's mid-term elections mark yet another change in the consciousness of the U.S. working class.  Every such change needs to be examined carefully from a dialectical, Marxist, working class perspective so we can understand […]

Military Recruiters and the Iraq War

With the occupation of Iraq spiraling out of control and growing increasingly unpopular among the majority of Americans, military recruiting would seem to be as winning an endeavor as selling tickets to get on board […]

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