Capitalism’s Lost Generation: Young People “Drowning in Insecurity”

The crisis of capitalism is robbing an entire generation of its future. These new generations will inevitably enter the stage of history, alongside the rest of the working class, to fight for a better future.

Progressive Youth Alliance poster: Release Amar Fayaz! Stop enforced disappearances! no state abductions!
Pakistan: Comrade Amar Fayaz Abducted by State Authorities

On November 8 at around 1:30 AM, men in two jeeps abducted comrade Amar Fayaz in Jamshoro, Sindh. We appeal to all our comrades and supporters to struggle for his release!

Anti-SARS protest in Nigeria: Oct 2020
Lessons of Nigeria’s October 2020 Youth Protest

This article highlights some of the key lessons we can draw from the youth movements that erupted in Nigeria.

Crushed by Debt and a Collapsing Job Market: Student Life Under COVID

Decades of austerity in higher education, continual tuition increases, and rising discontent among students are all boiling over, exposing the fundamental contradictions of an education system designed to benefit the rich.

Young children in school
School Teachers: Strike for Our Lives Against Disaster Capitalism!

Despite record-breaking highs of COVID-19 new cases this summer, Donald Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos have pushed hard for schools to reopen in person this fall.

Poor Sad Little Child Foster
Southern Poverty: Why I Joined the IMT

I grew up in an undocumented family in the South. We slept on the floor and our dining table was an upside down ramen box. I don’t share this for your tears, but for your […]

empty school hallway with yellow lockers
COVID-19 and NYC’s Sick Public School System

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio’s treatment of the NYC Public Schools is an indictment of capitalism’s prioritization of profits over the well-being and safety of its youth and workers.

Youth Mental Health Depression
Capitalist Profits vs Mental Health

In a rational society, mental health treatment would be built around quality care and compassion. Under capitalism, it is characterized by exploitation, corruption, and a single-minded pursuit of profits.

Rutgers University Campus
The Campus Crisis of Mental Health

Without a materialist, class perspective of the factors that give rise to mental illness in students, the roots of the problem cannot be addressed.

Twitter Social Media Head
Is Social Media to Blame for Polarization?

Desperately seeking an explanation, an aspect of social life that has only recently emerged is chosen to serve as the scapegoat for the problems of capitalism.

Millenial Crowd
Will the Real Millennials Please Stand Up?

From big cities to rural towns, the impact Millennials will have on the future course of the class struggle should not be understated.

Baby Boomers Woodstock
Did Baby Boomers "Ruin the Economy?"

The idea that the personality traits and lifestyle choices of a given generation could “ruin” the economy stems from an idealist view of history and society.