Nov. 1 | IMT North East Regional School

Join members of the International Marxist Tendency and the Marxist Student Association for this year’s North East Regional School on November 1. Speakers from Belgium and Canada will discuss the Arab Revolution and the Student and Youth movements throughout the Americas. More info below.

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Program of the School:

north-east-school10AM – Erik Demeester, editor of Vonk (Belgium), speaking on the perspectives for the Arab Revolution. Despite the growth of counterrevolutionary groups like ISIS and the general lull in the movement, the Arab Revolution is far from over. From Morocco, to Egypt, to Syria and Iraq, what is the perspective of Marxists for the coming period throughout the Arab speaking world.

2pm – Camilo Cahis, editor of Fightback (Canada), speaking on the student movements throughout the Americas: Chile, Mexico, Quebec, and more. The youth are often first on the move, and the movements we’ve seen throughout the continents are an indication of an approaching revolutionary situation in a number of countries. And as we know, revolutions don’t respect borders.

We will be asking for a $10 donation from attendees to help cover the rental expenses. However, no one will be turned away for inability to pay.

Simple Studios (2nd Floor) Room 205
134 West 29th Street
Manhattan, NYC

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