Organization and Tactics

Level 1: Basic Orientation, Methods, Tradition, and History

Interview With Ted Grant on Militant—Fred Weston

On the Mass Organizations—Ted Grant

Where to Begin?—Lenin
A very short and helpful essay on Marxist tactics. It briefly discusses the function of a party newspaper, in addition to basic tactics that a revolutionary Marxist organization will need to be successful. Correct tactics are of fundamental importance, given that sectarian ultraleftism and opportunism remain a common problem in our time.

Our Program—Lenin


Level 2: Our Tendencys History

Origins of British Trotskyism—Rob Sewell

History of British Trotskyism—Ted Grant

Majority Resolution on Walton Election—By the Taafe Group in Militant

Minority Resolution on Walton Election—By Opposition, led by Ted Grant

The New Turn: A Threat to Forty Years’ Work

40 Years After Militant’s Founding: How It Was Built and How It Was Destroyed—Rob Sewell


Level 3: Traditions of Our Tendency

Against Bureaucratic Centralism

Problems of Entrism—Ted Grant


Level 4: Principles of Orientation in Our Tendency

Marxism versus Sectarianism

Replies to Luis Oviedo—Alan Woods (Parts Two, Three, Four and Five)


Level 5: Requirements of Professional Conduct

On Democratic Centralism and the Regime—Trotsky

Statement of the PB on the Expulsion from WIL of Healy (1943)


Level 6: Classical Orientation

“Left-Wing” Communism: An Infantile Disorder—Lenin

Trade Unions in the Epoch of Imperialist Decay—Leon Trotsky


Level 7: Lenin, Trotsky, and Bolshevism—Laying the Foundation for Our Methods

Bolshevism: The Road to Revolution—Alan Woods


Level 8: Conduct and Clarity Amidst Crisis

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back—Lenin


Level 9: Refuting the Slanders

The Myth of Lenin’s Concept of the Party—Hal Draper (Tends to be overly academic at times, but generally helpful nonetheless)


Level 10: Professional Methods of Work and Political Struggle Under Conditions of Repression

What Is To Be Done?—Lenin

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