Pakistan: serious threats to Marxists during election campaign

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On the evening of December 18 two comrades, Haseeb Ahmed and Zaka-ur-Rehman were putting up posters and canvassing in Karachi, when they were threatened by 10 armed activists of the MQM organization. They attempted to abduct one of the comrades and take him away in a car. They failed to do so only thanks to the intervention of local people.

This incident is the first attack on the comrades and as the election campaign picks up momentum more attacks can be expected, possibly fatal. The comrades are in a one to one fight against a fascist organization that does not hesitate to kill its opponents if they are considered a threat to their positions.

The best form of defence and best means of strengthening the comrades against the MQM is to launch an international campaign. The workers and trade unions in Karachi are supporting the comrades overwhelmingly. However, the District administration is in their control and they will use all means to win this seat.

All comrades must be put on alert for any immediate mobilization of support that may be requested. Here we are publishing a letter of complaint the comrades have sent to the authorities in Pakistan.

Complaint against Mutahida Qaumi Movement in NA-257 Karachi for harassing and terrorizing PPP workers


I am contesting NA 257 Karachi on the ticket of PPP and am representing workers and masses of the area

However, MQM candidate is using fascist tactics to harass and terrorize our activities in our area and are threatening to rig the elections and sabotage the whole process.

On the night of 18th December, around 10pm two workers of my party, Comrade Haseeb Ahmed and Comrade Zaka-ur-Rehman, were pasting posters and canvassing in Urdu Nagar near Liaqat Market which is a key area in Malir, in Karachi.

At that time ten armed activists of MQM approached our workers and threatened them with dire consequences if they would do campaign in that particular area. They pulled the shirt of Zaka-ur-Rehman and forced him to sit in their car, i.e. they tried to abduct him forcefully. However, on the intervention of nearby people they could not abduct him and had to leave, but meanwhile they tore away all posters and pamphlets of the PPP. After that they also tore away the posters pasted in the area.

This is a clear indication of the rigging in the election process and not of the activities of a political party.

We ask the election Commissioner to take immediate notice of this incident and take concrete steps to stop pre-poll rigging in NA-257 & PS-127 Karachi.

We also intimate the Election Commissioner that serious casualties can occur in these constituencies if proper measures are not taken, as the incident of 12th May, 2007 and other events clearly shows the dark history of MQM.

Riaz Hussain Lund Baloch,
Suit No. 30, Popular Plaza,
Opp: district Courts, Malir, Karachi

CC to:
1. Election Commissioner Sindh
2. Home Secretary Sindh
3. Inspector General Police Sindh
4. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan
5. Returning Officer NA-257 & PS-127, Karachi

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