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Report on Minneapolis Anti-War Intervention

WIL TableThe Minneapolis branch of the Workers International League participated today in an anti-war demonstration organized by the Iraq Peace Action Coalition, as part of a national weekend of anti-war and immigrant rights actions. There were only 150 to 200 people present, but it was a lively and energetic crowd, chanting slogans, listening to speakers and music, and discussing the war, the economy, and the elections. Despite the relatively small crowd, the WIL comrades sold 17 copies of Socialist Appeal, as well as books, stickers, buttons, etc. Several people signed up to learn more about the WIL’s ideas and local activities.

The comrades leafleted pretty much the whole crowd with a leaflet announcing an October 30 event called “Has the Capitalist System Failed? Marxists and the Economic Crisis “ which will be held at a centrally-located public library in Minneapolis. John Peterson, Editor of Socialist Appeal will be introducing the discussion. They also handed out “Capitalism has Failed” leaflets, “why we need a labor party” leaflets, etc.  The comrades had large anti-war and immigrant rights banners behind them and well-stocked table. Many people came up to the table to buy materials and discuss the current U.S. and world situation. 

JP and GerardoGerardo Cajamarca, a Colombian TU activist spoke on behalf of in the name Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Coalition. He explained that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are imperialist and capitalist, that it is all about the class struggle, that non-profit organizations and other well-meaning types who do not see the current situation in the context of the class struggle are in reality not helping the movement. He also explained that millions of people are forced to come to the U.S. due to the free trade and imperialist foreign policy of the U.S. government and corporations. The crowd received his message with applause, especially when he said that we are against the raids and deportations against immigrants and against the war on workers here as well the wars abroad, etc.  

Josh Lucker, of the Minneapolis branch of the WIL, sang the labor / anti-war song “Bring ‘Em Home” for the audience, which was well-received with cheers, applause and a few requests for another song.Gerardo with SA

This was a relatively small, but successful event, part of the national anti-war and immigrant rights movements, and part of the changing consciousness in the U.S., as war, economic crisis, and growing dissatisfaction with the two party system increasingly express themselves on the streets and through increasingly political conversations at work, in the grocery stores, schools, on the bus, etc. On the basis of workers’ and young people’s experience, there will be massive shifts in consciousness in the coming months and years. The Workers International League is strengthening the forces of revolutionary Marxism in preparation for these historic events.  Join us in the struggle for a better world!

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