The Comintern and the Trade Unions
[Video] The Comintern and the Trade Unions

Tom Trottier, editor of Socialist Revolution, discusses the work of the Communist International in the trade union movement.

[Video] The Revolutionary Legacy of the Communist International

Fred Weston, editor of In Defence of Marxism, discusses the lessons of the Third International on the centennial of its founding.

Socialist Revolution and Jacobin Debate
[Video] The Future of US Socialism—Panel with Bhaskar Sunkara and John Peterson

The editors of Jacobin and Socialist Revolution discuss the growing socialist movement, its goals, and how to achieve them.

Tom Trottier 2018 Midterm Election
[Video] The Midterm Elections and Perspectives for Socialists

Tom Trottier, editor of Socialist Revolution, discusses the 2018 midterm election results at the Northeast Regional Marxist School in New York.

Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism Book Launch Alan Woods
[Video] The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism: Book Launch with Alan Woods

Alan Woods, editor of In Defense of Marxism, launches the latest title by Marxist Books at the 2018 Northeast Marxist School in NYC.

Bolsonaro Brazil President
[Video] How Did Bolsonaro Win the Brazilian Elections?

Jorge Martin, editor of América Socialista and writer for In Defense of Marxism, discusses the results of Sunday’s presidential elections in Brazil.

Trump Trade War
[Video] 2018 World Perspectives: A Year of Capitalist Crisis

In this talk from the 2018 IMT World Congress, Alan Woods (editor of In Defense Of Marxism) discusses the perspectives for world revolution.

Trump Instability White House Explosion
[Video] Perspectives for World Revolution—IMT World School 2017

Alan Woods discusses the current turbulence and volatility in the global economic, political, and social situation.

Launch of Socialist Revolution Magazine
Welcome to Socialist Revolution!

A new website to go along with our new publication. More exciting changes are on the way!

[Video] How Trump Won and How to Fight Him

John Peterson, the editor of Socialist Appeal magazine, provides a Marxist analysis of the Trump election and its implications for the class struggle during the Northeast Regional Marxist School of the IMT in New York.

bernie sanders rally
[Video] Bernie or Bust? The Way Forward for the Revolution

John Peterson, Editor of Socialist Appeal, discusses the polarization and radicalization taking place in the United States.

[Video] 2016 National Congress of the US Section of the IMT

The 2016 Congress of the US Section of the IMT represented a genuine milestone in our work. We publish a video report of the event.

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