Chapter I — "Blood From Every Pore"

Return to Table of Contents An Un-American” Idea? In order to understand the ideas of […]

Introduction to Marxism and the USA

Return to Table of Contents The present work began life as a draft introduction to […]

Introduction to the Second Edition of Marxism and the USA

Return to Table of Contents Marxism and the U.S.A. was the first title produced by […]

Marxism and the USA

This brief history of the class struggle in the United States illustrates that the ideas of Marxism, socialism and communism aren’t at all alien to “the land of opportunity.”

Introduction to Revolution and Counterrevolution in Spain

Recently the Spanish Marxist Tendency Lucha de Clases published a new edition of Felix Morrow’s classic Revolution and Counterrevolution in Spain with a new introduction by Alan Woods. The launch meetings in Spain have been a great success and […]

Ted Grant - Permanent Revolutionary cover
“Ted Grant: The Permanent Revolutionary” Chapter One: The Early Years

This is the first chapter of the biography of Ted Grant, written by his friend and collaborator for more than 50 years, Alan Woods. It describes Ted Grant’s childhood and early life in South Africa, […]

The Declaration of Independence

Originally the majority of the upper class Americans did not want independence. But the mood of the masses made all thought of compromise impossible. On July 4, 1776, the Thirteen United States of America declared […]

MELT Book Cover
Introduction to "Four Marxist Classics"

Alan Woods’ introduction to one of the first books produced by Wellred USA. As the title implies, the book includes four Marxist classics: the Communist Manifesto, Socialism: Scientific and Utopian, State and Revolution, and the […]

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