768p Montreal Winter School 2023
Canada: 460 Attend Montreal Marxist School Marked by Revolutionary Optimism!

The return of the Montreal Marxist Winter School in person after a three year absence did not disappoint. Four-hundred and sixty people gathered for a weekend of Marxist education in an electric atmosphere.

Marxists from Every Continent Hold Landmark Meeting

The international leadership of the International Marxist Tendency (IMT) met in Italy last month. Comrades discussed the turbulent processes that have shaped the world and are preparing revolutionary explosions in the period to come.

2022 Recap: Communists on the Campus!

Last fall, the International Marxist Tendency energetically took to college campuses across the US to meet with young workers and students looking for revolutionary ideas.

Bellingham Marxist School Raises the Banner of the IMT in the Northwest

More than 50 revolutionary socialists attended the first-ever Bellingham Marxist School in Washington state. It was the fifth and final event in a series of regional schools held by the Socialist Revolution this fall.

Strike Action on the Rise: Marxists Join the Picket Lines

Socialist Revolution comrades are mobilizing around the country to stand in solidarity with striking workers who are fighting for higher wages, better working conditions, and the right to unionize.

New York Marxist School 2022: Organizing for the Socialist Revolution

The New York Marxist School gathered over 130 revolutionary socialists for a weekend of discussions on Marxism, class-struggle history, and the fight for socialism in our lifetime.

2022 Atlanta Marxist School: Building the Forces of Marxism in the American South

Socialist Revolution’s first-ever Southern Regional Marxist School in Atlanta, GA was an exciting step forward for building the forces of Marxism in the region.

Revolution Festival 2022 in Britain: “We are living in exciting times!”

This year’s Revolution Festival was a showcase of optimism and enthusiasm, with over 700 attendees from across Europe gathering to discuss why Marx was right.

2022 Minneapolis Marxist School a Big Success!

The Minneapolis Marxist School was an electrifying success. The largest ever Midwest IMT school shows growing interest in Marxism!

Trader Joe’s Workers Rally in Minneapolis: Class-Struggle Unionism Is the Way Forward

Two Trader Joe’s stores are now organized, but there are many more to go! Only militant class-struggle unionism can truly win higher wages and better benefits and conditions.

Momentum Continues with #CommunismOnCampus Campaign!

All around the world students are enthusiastically engaging with the revolutionary ideas of Marxism! 2022 is shaping up to be the IMT’s biggest ever mobilization among students.

Phoenix Marxist School 2022: An Inspiring Start to Socialist Revolution’s Regional Event Series!

Socialist Revolution held its first-ever Phoenix Marxist School on the weekend of September 17–18. The 2022 event was a modest start to what will in the future become a point of attraction for revolutionaries across […]