Socialist Revolution Congress Attendees
US IMT Congress 2018: Fighting for Socialism in Our Lifetime!

The electric mood that filled the 2018 Congress flowed from the political confidence of the comrades in the IMT’s ideas and in the revolutionary destiny of our class.

Build a Marxist Alternative to End the Horrors of Capitalism!

The record of capitalism throughout the world is one of dismal failure. Help us build a revolutionary leadership and put an end to this misery!

Workers Start Fighting Back—Marxist Ideas are Needed!

The inspiring victory in West Virginia shows that strikes can be won, but the struggle continues. Help us bring Marxist ideas to the movement!

IMT Raises the Banner of October 1917 Worldwide

On the weekend of November 11th and 12th, the US section of the IMT held its Northeast Regional Marxist School—100 Years Since the Russian Revolution.

Support the Bolshevik Press!

With your help and support, we have gotten this far. Help us take our work to the next level!

Introduction to Ted Grant Selected Works

An updated introduction for the Second Edition of Ted Grant’s selected writings on Stalinism and the class nature of the USSR.

Financial Appeal: Help Defeat the Right!

Only a socialist transformation of society can smash forever the capitalist crimes of fascism and racism. This is the goal of Socialist Revolution—help us by donating or joining today!

[Video] 2016 National Congress of the US Section of the IMT

The 2016 Congress of the US Section of the IMT represented a genuine milestone in our work. We publish a video report of the event.

IMT World School: Celebrating the Legacy of 1917

Over 300 revolutionaries from 20 different countries flocked to Italy in the last week of July for the International Marxist Tendency 2017 World School.

Revolutionary Greetings From Around the World

Greetings from across the International Marxist Tendency for Issue #1 of Socialist Revolution

Fred congress2017
Extraordinary 2017 Congress of the US IMT

The future looks brighter than ever for socialism, and humanity’s potential to achieve it has never been greater.

Support the Forces of International Marxism – Donate to the 2016 IMT Winter Appeal!

Let’s get ready for a revolutionary 2017!

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