International Marxist University 2022: Timetable Finalized, Book Now!

Don’t miss the biggest international Marxist event of the year: the International Marxist University 2022 from July 23 to 26. The theme of the university is the three component parts of Marxism.

Socialist Revolution Mobilizes for May Day 2022

Socialist Revolution comrades hit the streets for May Day in over 20 cities from coast to coast, bringing a revolutionary message to the unfolding class battles and raising the banner of revolutionary Marxism.

Report: Amazon Workers Rally to Support the Union!

Socialist Revolution was out in force last weekend on Staten Island to support workers fighting Amazon, the world’s fifth-largest company owned by the world’s second-richest man.

Donate to Help Build the Forces of Marxism!

We are experiencing the deepest crisis in the history of capitalism. Millions of workers and youth are looking for revolutionary ideas—we need your help to reach them.

No War
Censorship, Arrests, and Threats: Putin Fights “National Traitors”

As the war in Ukraine drags on, even the mildest criticism of the invasion is being shut down, on pain of arrest and imprisonment.

Launch of Taiwanese Marxist Magazine: New Youth!

Taiwanese supporters of the IMT have launched their own printed publication, New Youth. This is a big step forward for the forces of Marxism in the country.

Montreal Marxist Winter School—Starting this Saturday!

With a few days to go before the School starts, there are already over 900 people registered! If you haven’t registered yet, do it now!

Fist in air solidarity
The Growth of Canadian Marxism: Fightback Magazine Goes Fortnightly!

As interest in Marxism grows across Canada, Fightback, the Canadian section of the IMT, has doubled the rate of publication of its newspaper.

Socialist Revolution National Congress 2021: Marxism on the Rise!

Two years since our last in-person national gathering, the US section of the IMT held its largest-ever Congress on October 9 and 10, and the mood was one of jubilation

Book Launch—The History of Philosophy: A Marxist Perspective

Join us online on Sunday, September 26 for the book launch of The History of Philosophy: A Marxist Perspective with Alan Woods. This book will be a vital handbook for revolutionaries fighting to overthrow capitalism […]

Marxism on the March Worldwide: IMT Congress 2021

On July 24–27, more than 2,800 Marxists from over 50 countries gathered online for the IMT World Congress. Without revolutionary theory, there can be no revolutionary movement!

Canada: 2021 Fightback Congress—Revolutionary Optimism in the Time of COVID-19

Over the weekend of May 22–24, Fightback/La Riposte Socialiste, the Canadian section of the IMT, held its largest congress ever, with more than 300 revolutionaries attending the online meeting.