[Leaflet] Bernie Sanders and the 2016 Presidential Election

Big shocks are in store for US and world capitalism, which will lead to even greater hardship for the workers and youth. Cuts and austerity for the majority and unimaginable wealth for the minority is […]

[Leaflet] “Oxi” to Capitalism! Yes to Socialism!

The crisis in Greece has reached its boiling point. After years of austerity and hardship, the Greek masses have had enough. The troika seeks to destroy the Syriza government and to “teach a lesson” to […]

[Leaflet] “You Can’t Have Capitalism Without Racism”

Marxists argue that to end racism and all the evils that come with it, we must end capitalism!

Fight For $15! Fight For Socialism! [Leaflet]

Download a new leaflet on the fight for a $15 minimum wage and socialism. Many people argue that the working class no longer exists, or that it is no longer a revolutionary force for change. […]

PTUDC protest Hyderabad
Pakistan Trade Union Defense Campaign [Leaflet]

Pakistani workers and trade unionists are struggling to achieve and maintain basic fundamental rights. With fewer than 5% of the workforce actually organized, trade unionists are facing assassinations, assaults, kidnappings, and illegal detentions by the […]

[Volante] Programa de LIT/CMI 2014

La Liga Internacional de los Trabajadores basa en sí en las ideas de Marx, Engels, Lenin, y Trotsky, y en el desarollo de estas ideas por la Corriente Marxista Internacional. Luchamos por el socialismo internacional, […]

[Leaflet] Support Retail Workers on Black Friday!

With Black Friday approaching, Walmart workers throughout the country are planning to picket their work places in their ongoing fight for higher wages, benefits, and union recognition. To support these workers we have produced a […]

[Leaflet] Textbook Capitalism

At the start of every semester, millions of American college students head to the campus textbook store and scrape the bottom of their bank accounts to afford the textbooks required for their classes. Prices have skyrocketed an astronomical 812% over […]

[Leaflet] A Program of Struggle for Youth & Students

The burden of the capitalist crisis is being passed on to the working class and the youth through a near-universal assault on our quality of life. Millions of jobs have disappeared forever and unemployment is […]

[Leaflet] "You Can't Have Capitalism Without Racism"

With these simple words, the great revolutionary martyr Malcolm X summed up a profound truth about the world we live in. Capitalism is a system based on inequality, exploitation, oppression, and discrimination. The working class […]

[Leaflet] 2014 WIL Program

The Workers International League bases itself on the ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky, and on the further development of these ideas by the International Marxist Tendency. We fight for international socialism, in which […]

2014 WIL Sign Up Sheet and SA Sales Tracking Sheet

These two sheets can be used for collecting contact’s information and keeping track of paper sales at events.

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