A collection of leaflets distributed by supporters of Socialist Revolution throughout the country. Click to read the text, and download the PDF files to help us spread a revolutionary socialist program in the movement!

[Leaflet] Support Retail Workers on Black Friday!

With Black Friday approaching, Walmart workers throughout the country are planning to picket their work places in their ongoing fight for higher wages, benefits, and union recognition. To support these workers we have produced a […]

[Leaflet] Textbook Capitalism

At the start of every semester, millions of American college students head to the campus textbook store and scrape the bottom of their bank accounts to afford the textbooks required for their classes. Prices have skyrocketed an astronomical 812% over […]

[Leaflet] A Program of Struggle for Youth & Students

The burden of the capitalist crisis is being passed on to the working class and the youth through a near-universal assault on our quality of life. Millions of jobs have disappeared forever and unemployment is […]

[Leaflet] "You Can't Have Capitalism Without Racism"

With these simple words, the great revolutionary martyr Malcolm X summed up a profound truth about the world we live in. Capitalism is a system based on inequality, exploitation, oppression, and discrimination. The working class […]

[Leaflet] 2014 WIL Program

The Workers International League bases itself on the ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky, and on the further development of these ideas by the International Marxist Tendency. We fight for international socialism, in which […]

2014 WIL Sign Up Sheet and SA Sales Tracking Sheet

These two sheets can be used for collecting contact’s information and keeping track of paper sales at events.

[Leaflet] Fight For a Labor Party! Fight For Socialism!

There are important signs of the reawakening of the US working class and a surge in the class struggle in the years ahead. Once the working class moves, no force on earth can stop us […]

[Leaflet] SEIU Needs a Fighting Strategy!

Leaflets for the ongoing struggle of SEIU 1199 nursing home workers to defend their pensions, wages, and other benefits. For more information please e mail Sam Swartz at: DelegateSam1199@gmail.com    

[Leaflet] No Environmental Solution Under Capitalism

Capitalism has long been in a period of deep decline, which is reflected everywhere in our world. Perhaps most dangerously, the catastrophe of class society finds its mirror reflection in the disaster of climate change […]

Fight for LGBT Rights: Fight for Socialism!

The LGBT movement has fought and won many gains in the past few years, but the battle is not over. The Supreme Court decision against DOMA has raised the hopes of many people who have waited […]

fast food workers halfsheet
Leaflet – Fight for Better Wages: Fight for Socialism!

Fast food, service, and retail workers know first-hand how awful conditions and wages are in this industry. We generate billions in profits for shareholders and Wall Street speculators, while we are often unable to pay […]

[Leaflet] Fight Racism! Fight Capitalism!

Racism is deeply institutionalized in this country’s misnamed “justice” system. Sure, there is plenty of justice to be had—as long as you have enough money to buy it. The acquittal of George Zimmerman in the […]