A collection of leaflets distributed by supporters of Socialist Revolution throughout the country. Click to read the text, and download the PDF files to help us spread a revolutionary socialist program in the movement!

The Capitalist Crisis and the Youth – A Program of Struggle for Youth and Students

The burden of the capitalist crisis is being passed on to the working class and the youth through a near-universal assault on our quality of life. Both the federal government and almost all the states […]

[Leaflet] Verizon Strike CMPL

New flyer available from the Campaign for a Mass Party of Labor for distribution amongst Verizon workers during the strike.  

[Leaflet] All Support to Public Employees! For a Workers’ Solution to the Crisis

Download here.  Wisconsin is on the front lines of the nationwide battle against cuts and austerity. Most public sector workers in the state belong to unions that collectively negotiate their wages, benefits, and pensions. It […]

[Leaflet] Egypt & Tunisia: Revolution Knows No Borders

New leaflet produced by Socialist Appeal for use at events in solidarity with the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions.  Print copies and distribute widely.  The heroic movement of the Tunisian and Egyptian masses has transformed the […]

[Leaflet] Michael Moore’s “Capitalism: A Love Story”

Michael Moore’s new film exposes capitalism for what it is: a system based on the ruthless exploitation of the many by the few, who shamelessly loot people’s lifelong savings, the public treasury, and kick millions […]

[Leaflet] Single Payer Now!

The battle over health care has simmered beneath the surface for decades as literally millions […]

New Flyer from Socialist Appeal: Hands Off Honduras!

Tuesday, 30 June 2009 Download and print the new flyer from Socialist Appeal calling for […]

New Leaflet from Socialist Appeal on the Iranian Revolution!

The Iranian masses have recently begun moving in an attempt to transform their conditions and throw off the chains of the fundamentalist regime in what can only be described as the first stages of the […]

Un Programa Obrero Para la Crisis
Un Programa Obrero Para la Crisis

Un nuevo volante de la Liga Internacional de los Trabajadores y El Militante Sin Fronteras. Nuestra propuesta para una solución a la crisis economica que enfrentamos los trabajadores. ¡Únete a la WIL y lucha por […]

Su Reforma y la Nuestra
Su Reforma y la Nuestra

Un nuevo volante de la Liga Internacional de los Trabajadores. Con las marchas del 1º de mayo, la inmigración se vuelve de nuevo en un tema de discusión. Desde el 2006, cuando millones de inmigrantes […]

Working Class Program Leaflet
A Working Class Program for the Crisis

A new WIL leaflet explaining our proposals for a socialist solution to the crisis. Socialism means production for human need, not corporate profits. It means genuine, direct, participatory democracy and control over the resources and […]

¡Una fábrica cerrada es una fábrica ocupada!

El liderazgo sindical debe de movilizar a los trabajadores para exigir un plan de recuperación económica para volver a abrir y capitalizar las fábricas cerradas, nacionalizarlas bajo control público, y gestionarlas bajo control democrático de […]