For regular updates on the struggle in Mexico, see www.militante.org (in Spanish).


Rally:  24TH and Mission  San Francisco, California When: Saturday, September 16th 2006 Time:   1 pm   For more information call 415-431-9925

Por qué nos oponemos a los programas “Guest Worker”

Un nuevo volante de la Liga Internacional de los Trabajadores y El Militante Sin Fronteras. ¡La lucha de los inmigrantes es la lucha de todos los trabajadores!

Solidarity with the Cuban Revolution: Down with Capitalism and Imperialism!

Solidarity with the Cuban Revolution: Down with Capitalism and Imperialism! A new flyer from the Workers International League in both English and Spanish.

Ted Grant: 1913-2006

This morning we heard the tragic news of the death of comrade Ted Grant, just a few days after his 93rd birthday. The news was a great shock to all of us. Despite his age […]

Report on the San Francisco Protest Against Mexico Vote Fraud

A report by WIL members in San Francisco on their recent successful participation in the emergency protest called against electoral fraud in Mexico.

St. Paul, Minnesota Says: No to Electoral Fraud in Mexico

On Friday, July 14, some 20-25 people gathered at the Mexican Consulate in St. Paul, MN in solidarity with the international appeal of Militante in Mexico.

No to Fraud
St. Louis, MO: Picket at Spanish Consulate to Protest Spain's Premature Validation of the Mexican El

On Friday, July 14, members of the Workers International League in St. Louis, MO picketed outside the Spanish consulate for that country’s governmen’t premature recognition of the fraudulant Calderon government in Mexico.

Outside the Mexican Consulate
Reporte del piquete en Minneapolis

A las 11:30 am del Viernes 14 de Julio , de 20-25 personas se concentraron en el consulado Mexicano en San Pablo, MN en solidaridad con el llamamiento internacional de Militante en México.


In response to the international appeal by the comrades of the Mexican Marxist journal Militante, members of the Workers International League (publishers of Socialist Appeal and El Militante Sin Fronteras) have organized an "Emergency Protest […]

Other Important Works

This short list will provide some extra reading material which doesn’t fit into the other categories but is still very important.

The United States

The struggle of the working class in the United States will be a decisive factor in the outcome of the class struggle around the world. We provide here a list of works explaining the important […]