Support the Fight for Socialism!

The Class Struggle never stops!  On Sunday, February 19, more than 2,000,000 workers in cities across Spain came out into the streets to protest the right-wing government’s attacks.  Workers in Greece have engaged in a continuous struggle against the world bankers who are driving the population into abject poverty.  The revolutions in the Middle East continue.  Here in the USA, we have seen labor battles in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and all along the West Coast.

We know that struggles will continue and will become more expansive as well as more desperate until capitalism is replaced by socialism and workers’ democracy.  In order to get to socialism, the working class needs a guide.  Lenin once said that without theory, the revolutionary movement cannot achieve its aims.  Revolutionary theory—Marxism —includes the study and analysis of past movements and the generalization of these lessons so future workers can avoid mistakes made in the past. It is leadership based on Marxism that the WIL is trying to build in the USA, and the IMT is trying to build throughout the world.

In order to achieve our objective, we need money for the many expenses that we have.  Help bring Marxist ideas to the Left Forum in New York and the Labor Notes conference in Chicago! Help bring Marxism to the NATO/G-8 protests in Chicago and the many other struggles going on! With your help we can do this.  Every contribution is needed and no contribution is too small.

Our 10th anniversary, Winter/Spring collection has a goal of $2,400.  We have just begun this effort so we have a long way to go.  Please help with $5, $10, $20 or more.  Can you pledge all or part of your tax refund? This would be a tremendous help to expand our political activities.  We receive no support from big business. We do not get money from the pro-capitalist trade union leaders who convince the workers to give up the hard-fought gains of the past “until times get better.” 35 years of give-backs is quite enough. It is workers and youth who fund this paper and the WIL.  The Winter/Spring collection ends on April 30. Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated.

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