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SA58 CoverSupport the Socialist Appeal Fighting Fund!

The revolutions in North Africa and the Middle East show the power of the working class to change society.  But they also show the need for Marxist ideas, program and leadership. This fact is being brought close to home with the public workers’ struggle in Wisconsin.

The Workers International League is working to bring Marxist ideas into the labor movement. We believe that if the American labor movement were guided by a socialist and militant program, we could defeat the attacks of the right-wing and Big Business. We would be able to achieve a higher standard of living and genuine democracy for the majority, which only socialism can provide.

However, it takes money to bring these ideas to a broader audience. That is why we appeal to you, the readers, subscribers and supporters of Socialist Appeal to help us to expand our work. We need printing equipment, so we can reproduce our leaflets cheaply in any part of the country. We need to work toward a monthly edition of Socialist Appeal. We need to pay for web hosting and maintenance. We need office space. We need more full time organizers, who can be sent in to the areas of struggle at a moment’s notice.

The WIL depends entirely on support from its members and supporters. Big Business is not advertising their products in our paper or on our website, so we are not beholden to them. We receive no grants from foundations connected with this or that political party, so we can epxress our views freely. The pro-capitalist trade union leaders, who are presiding over giveback contracts and concessions are not sending us money either. We are accountable only to our own membership and the ideas outlined in our Program. This is why we are reaching out to you, the grass roots of the movement for support!

Perhaps you have considered joining the WIL, but cannot yet make the committment of time. Perhaps you live in an area where we do not yet have a branch and want to support us, but are not in a position to build a branch on your own. Perhaps you are simply sick and tired of the instability and chaos of capitalism, of losing your hard-earned retirement money on the stock market, and want to “invest” your money in a truly good cause. If so, then you should consider becoming a WIL Sympathizer, and making a monthly contribution to our work, or making a one-time donation to our Fighting Fund. It all adds up and it all helps!

Our Fighting Fund target for the First Quarter of 2011 is $2,000. So far this year we have raised$1,324.29. This leaves a balance of just$675.71. This is a target we can achieve!

Special thanks go out this month to RV who sent in $100, ZM who gave $50, DH who gave $10, and JL who pledged $100. As we go to press, we have received word that one supporter has pledged her tax refund of $400! Can anyone else do this as well?

Maybe you can hold aSocialist Appeal fund raising party. Maybe you can subscribe to the print version of Socialist Appeal for yourself or for a friend or co-worker. Some supporters, like KG in the Bronx, donate $10 a month. These regular donations, no matter how small, add up. If 100 of our website readers pledge $10 per month, that would be $1,000 per month. $10 for an excellent cause, to usher in a socialist future.  If we all do our part, Marxist ideas will be able to play a role in the struggles today and the even bigger struggles coming in the future!

Donate today! You can make your donation online at Marxist or by sending a check or money order made out to Wellred to:

PO Box 18302
Minneapolis, MN  55418

We appreciate your support!


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