Imperialists Cry Crocodile Tears as Afghanistan Refugees Suffer

Politicians in the US and Europe are crying crocodile tears over the hardships faced by Afghan refugees, while nonetheless abandoning them to their suffering.

Defeat, Demoralization, and Dissent: the Crisis of US Imperialism

The US withdrawal from Afghanistan has turned into utter humiliation for US imperialism. It has exposed the US’s relative military and economic decline as well as a growing mood of war-weariness at home.

The Cynical Betrayal of US Imperialism in Afghanistan

America’s longest war has ended in abject shame and humiliation for US imperialism. Twenty years after the invasion of Afghanistan, they have been dealt total defeat at the hands of a band of primitive religious […]

Afghanistan: Humiliating US Defeat, the Return of the Taliban, and the Threat of Civil War

Afghanistan is hurtling toward civil war as US forces withdraw. After two decades of bloody occupation, at a cost of more than $2 trillion, US imperialism has failed to achieve any of the aims it […]

Mass Movement Shakes Kabul: Which Way Forward In Afghanistan?

In the past couple of weeks, unprecedented events had been unfolding in Afghanistan. Hundreds of thousands of people have gathered in the streets of Kabul to protest against the gruesome beheading of seven people, all […]

Afghanistan: Democracy Under Imperialist Bayonets

The final round of the presidential elections in Afghanistan, and the “deal” between the two “front runners”, on September 21, was so feeble, and the outcome so rotten, that even bourgeois analysts and reporters had […]

Afghanistan's Saur Revolution: The Revolution Obliterated From History

The Saur Revolution—distorted and obliterated by the intelligentsia and official historians—dared to free the oppressed masses in Afghanistan from centuries of brutal despotism and ferocious devastation by imperialists of all shapes.  

The Afghanistan Nightmare

The latest murders in Kandahar province, where 16 innocent Afghanis, including nine children, were shot dead by a rampaging US staff sergeant, have further added to the turmoil and agony in Afghanistan.

Elections in Afghanistan: What Now?

On Thursday, August 20, 2009, Afghanistan held its provincial and presidential elections. This is the second presidential election since the occupation of the country began in 2001. While a winner has yet to be declared, […]

Afghanistan: A Historical Overview

To understand the present war that is taking place in Afghanistan, one must take into consideration the factors that have shaped the history of this tragic land. Doctor Zayar gives an overview of the history […]